0_0 |\_/| Ban Appeal

  1. What is your Steam Name? 0_0 |_/|
  2. What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:1:549587966
  3. What is your Discord Name and ID (Example#0000)? @robotab
  4. Why were you banned? Purposeful RDM
  5. Why do you think your appeal should be accepted?​ wasnt on purpose and i have no clue who the guy even was, i was traitor anyways. im new to TTT

i dont get it, isnt my job as an innocent to kill traitors :rofl:

  • u literally rdm’d the same guy but ig u get away with it cus ur staff

It is your job to kill the T’s, but when he turned the coner you just shot him for no reason and thats what got you banned. Now you’ve have done an alternative and told him to id the bodies, failure for that person to comply to id the bodies you can shoot them. Which you can find in this link https://forums.notfound.tech/index.php?threads/english-notfound-tech-ttt-rules.569/

Also even if jerome did/do rdm’d the same person itd either one of two things. Either hes messing around with his friends and killing them on purpose and they are okay with it and number two he was probably a T and thats why he killed him twice

If that link doesnt work you can find the rules via forums, which we are on!

bro everyone was dead and i heard him shooting, god forbid someone uses critical thinking to play a game

Even if you did hear him shooting he was out of your vision on the video and honestly when somebody is shooting it could’ve been anyone, and judging by the video thats what got you banned because you kos off sound + location and/or just straight up purp rdm him.

was purposful but wasnt random, good job

Okay pal whatever you say, you can talk to Jerome about your ban so just wait for him to respond and he’ll give you his final answer whether you should be unbanned or not :smiley:

We don’t allow critical thinking here buddy, you need concrete evidence on this server to kill someone because your ‘critical thinking’ results in more incidental rdms then not and ends up having people, like you, banned. If you wanna continue to play on the server I would suggest you take this time to read up on our rules and familiarize yourself with them before you get back on and if you don’t, well that’s too bad.

isnt critical thinking part of finding out whos a traitor and whos not :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Denied, due to the ban being served already.