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Jan 28, 2019
Hotkeys and Commands
  • i - Inventory Menu
  • Q - Drop Weapon
  • C - Traitor/Detective Shop
  • F1 - Tutorial & Custom Binds
  • F2 - Mute Players as Dead
  • F3 - This Menu
  • F4 - Event Menu
  • F6 - Adjust HUD
  • F8 - Damagelogs
  • !motd - This Menu
  • !menu - Command Menu
  • !block [name] - Wipe From The Face of The Earth; Mute a Player
  • !playtime [name] - Check a Player's Total Playtime
  • !pm [name] [msg] - Send a Private Message
  • !trade [name] - Sends a Trade Request
  • !unblock [name] - Unmute a Player

  • RDM (Random Death Match, killing or damaging players without reason)
  • KOS (Kill on Sight - You can kill KOSed players any time)
  • Ghosting / Metagame (Getting information about the game from sources outside of the game)
  • Association (When a player witness a traitor being traitorous and does not do anything about it OR when a traitor that is confirmed traitor does not kill another player)
  • Delaying (Intentionally prolonging the game as a traitor)
  • OGT (Out of Game Trading - Trading in-game items for real-world things such as money)
  • Traitor Baiting (When you pretend to be a traitor in order to cause someone to kill you)

  • No Hateful Conduct
  • No Out of Game Trading
  • No Exploiting
  • No Hacking / Cheating
  • No Scamming
  • No Voice / Chat Spam
  • No Metagaming
  • No Prop Minging

TTT Rules
  • No Traitor Baiting
  • No Delaying
  • Do not call false KOSes
  • No Ghosting
  • No RDM
    • Killing players to get revenge for previous rounds
    • Killing off of model, weapon, or location
    • Killing for door blocking (without giving 3 warnings 5 seconds apart in chat)
    • Killing someone for following you
    • Killing someone off of suspicion
    • Killing someone for not identifying a body (without telling them to in chat)

Traitor Specific Rules
  • Do not reveal your traitor buddies identities
  • Do not RDM traitor buddies
  • Do Not Delay
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