Steves Managment Unban Request #3

What is your Steam Name?
What is your SteamID?
Steam ID: 76561199070622336
What is your Discord Name and ID?
Why were you banned? purp rdm # (?) + being a nuisance.
Why do you think your appeal should be accepted?
First and foremost, I want to Apologize to Rocker, Jerome, Stabidy, Moist, all the Staff and every member of this community who has been affected by my past behavior while playing. I understand the effect of my actions and the negative impact they have had on the environment we all enjoy and love and i take responsibility for all of the Issues and reports against me including all of my excuses, including the most recent reason for my ban which was for me taking a shot that was to close to a teammate knowingly and killing them for it, followed by causing drama within the discord. Id also like to apologize for all of the bragging and lying I’ve done in the past about all of my bans and how easy its been to get back in the server and making the staff look like fools continuing to trust me, and now I realize you were all just being very generous towards me.

Thank you for letting me appeal again after all this time and if possible id like to request a meeting to plead if my case if you believe I’m not being sincere.

Hi, no rush but I was wondering if there was a possible update on this?

Denied, after speaking with the staff team and upper management, we have decided to upheld this ban.