[R.B.B.A.A] 香港革命血紅紫荊無政府主義軍槍手 Ban Appeal

  1. What is your Steam Name?
    [R.B.B.A.A] 香港革命血紅紫荊無政府主義軍槍手
  2. What is your SteamID?
  3. What is your Discord Name and ID (Example#0000)?
  4. Why were you banned?
  5. Why do you think your appeal should be accepted?​
    So IDK what did you mean by duping, I was getting trades from this one random guy and just following his lead and shit, and then later on he came back with billions of shit for me for free. I thought he was some admin or shit who wanted to give me random crap.

Denied, after doing further research you did this multiple times without reporting it to ANY staff member.

You will not be unbanned,