NotFound.Tech TTT Rules

NotFound.Tech TTT Rules

Last Updated
08/18/2023 (10:12 AM ET)​​​​​

All players are responsible for reading the rules failure to do so could result in punishment.
Staff have the final say on whether or not an action you’ve done violates the rules, if YOU feel that they’ve abused their permissions, make a Staff Report on our discord, NotFound.Tech.

Hotkeys and Commands

i - Inventory Menu
Q - Drop Weapon
C - Traitor/Detective Shop
F1 - Tutorial & Custom Binds
F2 - Mute Players as Dead
F3 - This Menu
F4 - Event Menu
F6 - Adjust HUD
F8 - Damagelogs
!motd - This Menu
!menu - Command Menu
!block [name] - Wipe From The Face of The Earth; Mute a Player
!playtime [name] - Check a Player’s Total Playtime
!pm [name] [msg] - Send a Private Message
!trade [name] - Sends a Trade Request
!unblock [name] - Unmute a Player


  • RDM

    • Random Death Match, killing or damaging players without reason.
  • KOS

    • Kill on Sight - You can kill KOS’ed players any time.
  • Ghosting

    • Getting information about the game from sources outside of the game.
  • Metagame

    • Teaming up with other players counter to how TTT is meant to be played to accomplish external objectives such as dailies and contracts.
  • Association

    • When a player witnesses a traitor being traitorous and does not do anything about it.
    • When a traitor that is confirmed does not kill another player.
    • When a player does something that only a traitor can do.
  • Delaying

    • Intentionally prolonging the game as ANY role.
  • OGT

    • Out of Game Trading - Trading in-game items for real-world things such as money.
  • Traitor Baiting

    • When you pretend to be a traitor to cause someone to kill you.
  • Alt Trading

    • When you trade from an Alt Account to your Main in any way. Having friends join to trade your items from special events is also not permitted.
  • Ban Evading

    • When you attempt to circumvent any active ban placed on your account.
  • Scamming

    • Hiding values of an item from the seller/buyer.
    • Refusing to trade back to a player after doing the above.
  • Trolling

    • Doing something in the game to intentionally hinder players that are on your team.
  • Hateful Conduct

    • Extreme Toxicity, Harassment, Racism, and Hate Speech are not tolerated. ( This includes using slang terms ).
    • This extends to cosmetic items, item names, titles, and steam profile name / picture.
  • Harassment

    • Repeated targeted abuse towards another player
  • Exploiting

    • Abusing game mechanics, bugs, or oversights in order to gain an unfair advantage.


  • Extreme Toxicity, Harassment, Racism, Sexism, and Hate Speech are not tolerated. ( This includes using slang terms )

    • This includes the use of cosmetics.
  • No Advertising

    • This includes just constantly talking about other servers.
    • You can still advertise your Social Media through your name as long as you aren’t posting direct links to them and telling people to come join your live stream, follow you, etc.
      • Putting links in your Item Names or Chat aren’t allowed, even if they’re a social media platform for the sole reason that we don’t want Staff having to go to those links and possibly subject themselves to any NSFW content.
  • No External Drama

    • Do not bring drama in from other servers, it doesn’t belong here.
  • No Out of Game Trading

  • No Exploiting

    • This includes using detective items / prop flying to get to any area that you cannot reach by naturally walking there.
      • No using blinks, thunder thighs, grapple hook, to enter traitor rooms as detective / innocent.
      • No using blinks, thunder thighs, grapple hook, to enter detective rooms as traitor.
      • No using blinks, thunder thighs, grapple hook, or prop flight to get out of the map.
  • No Hacking / Cheating

  • No Scamming

    • This constitutes knowingly overcharging a player / underpaying a player without first disclosing that you are not giving them the true value.
      • If caught violating this rule a force trade-back will take place, if refused you will be punished accordingly.
      • A force trade-back will only be enforced IF it was a scam trade, if there was no scam and one party is unhappy with the trade they cannot request a trade back unless it was agreed upon in the trade chat.
  • No Voice / Chat Spam

  • No Prop Minging

  • No NSFW Content

    • This includes pornography and graphic content such as gore and vore.
    • This applies to steam profile names/pictures, item names, titles, and cosmetics.
    • This also includes excessive profanity in voice or text chat.
    • This also includes any profanity directed towards a minor, or a player who has told you to stop.
  • No Encouraging Self Harm

    • This includes stating any legitimate intent to commit self-harm.
      • This also includes item names and titles.
    • This also includes directing it towards someone in any form.
    • This also includes excessively joking about self-harm.
  • No AFKing for the sole purpose of farming inventory items.

  • You must have 3 consecutive English characters in the front your name.

TTT Rules

  • No Traitor Baiting

    • No damaging detective equipment.
    • No damaging traitor testers.
    • Do not kidnap traitor testers.
    • Do not shoot near or around other players as innocent.
    • Do not intentionally complete traitor objectives as innocent if the map has them.
    • Do not randomly push / swing a melee at someone if the melee has the same swing / push animations and sounds.
      • Primarily for the Lincoln’s Chopper.
  • No Metagaming

    • No helping other people complete their dailies.
    • No helping the opposing team win.
      • If you’re an innocent or detective your goal is to help innocents win.
      • If you’re a traitor your goal is to help traitors win.
    • No randomly throwing flashes as an innocent or detective, this counts as helping traitors win.
  • No Delaying

    • No camping in inaccessible locations to prolong the round.
    • No intentionally allowing innocents to live for a prolonged period as a traitor.
  • Do not call false KOSes as an Innocent or Detective

    • KOS may only be called when you have concrete evidence that a player is a traitor such as:
      • Being shot at by a player.
      • Watching a player enter a traitor room.
      • Seeing a player have traitor equipment.
      • Seeing a player kill another player without attempting to identify the body.
      • Seeing somebody open fire on other players unprompted.
      • Seeing a player fail to identify a body (5 seconds AFTER being asked ‘ID or KOS’ in text chat).
      • Seeing somebody throw a discombobulator near an edge with players on it.
  • No Ghosting

  • No Blocking Entrances with the Detective Turret.

    • Do not KOS players for breaking turrets in these scenarios.
  • Door Blocking will not be tolerated.

    • Putting props indoors to prevent them from closing.
    • Standing behind a door to prevent it from opening/closing fully.
    • Entities that act as doors will be treated as doors and thus door blocking
    • Openings that can only fit one player in them will be treated as doors and thus door blocking
  • No RDM

    • Killing players to get revenge for previous rounds
    • Killing off of the model
      • Seeing a players model without seeing the players name and using that as the identifier for who is KOSed
    • Killing off of location
      • Seeing gunshots or other traitorous sounds come from a specific location and KOSing based on the location is not acceptable
      • Seeing a person die near a location and KOSing a player based on the location is not acceptable
      • It is acceptable to KOS off of location if the player has without a doubt committed a traitorous act within a room with one entrance, including anyone else who was inside that room.
      • A room with only one entrance/exit (T Rooms count as exits)
      • It is also acceptable to KOS off location if the location is a Traitor only location
    • Killing off of weapon
      • Seeing that a player was killed by a specific weapon and using that as the reason to kill a player who is also using the weapon.
    • Killing off of sound
      • Similar to KOS off location, you cannot kill a player for sounds such as eating a sandwich, banana bombs, gunshots, or death screams.
    • Killing for door blocking (without giving three warnings 5 seconds apart in text chat)
    • Killing someone for following you AT ALL.
    • Killing someone off of suspicion
    • Killing someone for not identifying a body
    • Must tell them some form of “ID or KOS” AND Identify the specific player in text chat and waiting 5 seconds before killing them.
    • Killing someone who is AFK in overtime
      • Must ask them if they are AFK and they have 5 seconds to respond before being KOS
    • Killing off of Radar is allowed, only in a circumstance in which the amount of blips can prove that the only remaining individual is a traitor.
      • An example of this would be if you’re detective and it showed 2 other players left, one player is proven thus the other one can be assumed to be a traitor. If neither of the other 2 are proven then they cannot KOS anyone.
  • No Alt Trading

    • Getting another person to hop on the Server to trade, for example, Event Items to get double/triple, etc., of the rewards is still considered Alt Trading.
  • No Ban Evading

    • Trading Items or Currency to other players in-order to circumvent a Gambling ban is considered Ban Evading.

Role Specific Rules

Detective Specific Rules

  • Do not randomly disarm players, you must have some sort of suspicion.

  • Do not randomly grapple players, this classifies them as trolling.

  • Do not grapple players to drag them into testers.

Traitor Specific Rules

  • Do not reveal your traitor buddies’ identities.

  • Do not intentionally open the traitor rooms for innocents for any reason.

  • Do not intentionally do things to inherently reveal your traitor buddies’ identities.

  • This includes intentionally throwing explosives at them.

TTC Role Specific Rules & Clarifications

  • As a Survivor, you ARE allowed to KOS any players you see once the survivor passive procs. (You obtain 75 hp for each evil-doer alive once you are the last innocent alive)

  • Veteran roulette is NOT allowed. This is considered a purposeful RDM. (Randomly shooting someone with the veteran pistol to gamble if they are a traitor based role.)

  • You can NOT KOS Witch Doctors if they respawn a traitor based role.

  • Repeatedly killing the Jester on purpose as a Traitor or Detective is considered trolling. (Since Jester is visible to these roles.)

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