NotFound.Tech BaseWars Rules

NotFound.Tech BaseWars Rules

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  • All players are responsible for reading the rules failure to do so could result in punishment.
  • NotFound.Tech reserves the right to revise, amend or modify these rules at anytime.
  • Any rules and explanations that are added or updated with have a * next to it for a short period of time.
  • RDM is tolerated on BaseWars don’t contact Staff about it.

Table Of Contents

  • Definitions
    • Contains definitions
  • General
    • Contains general community rules to follow
  • BaseWars
    • Contains rules regarding BaseWars Specifically
  • Miscellaneous
    • Contains other rules that don’t fit a category


  • Base

    • An area made in-accessible by props using a building as a majority
  • Prop Base

    • An area completely enclosed using props as a majority
  • Mega Base

    • A base taking up massive section(s) of the map
  • Raid Base

    • A base made with the sole intention of Raiding a player
  • Gray Zone/Gray Zones

    • An area meant to be a buffer between a players door/defenses and the player
  • Entity/Entities

    • An entity is anything spawnable from the BaseWars Menu or spawned from a tool gun
  • Raidable

    • A thing that makes players raidable
  • Wardrobe/Outfitter Combat Advantage

    • If your player models hitbox doesn’t align properly or your model is too small or too big causing combat advantage.


  • Any form of cheating is not tolerated and is punishable by a permanent ban.​

  • Extreme Toxicity, Harassment, Racism, and Hate Speech are not tolerated. ( This includes using slang terms )​

  • Any form of spamming ( Mic Spam/Chat Spam ) is not allowed.​

  • Any form of abuse or cheating with your donation packages can result in it getting revoked. ( Make sure to read our TOS ) ( III. Termination Policy )​

  • Attempting to exploit something in the game which isn’t intended is not tolerated. ( If you are unsure or find something then contact Staff )​

  • Purposefully giving players a substantial amount of any currency is not tolerated through unintended methods. ( Commonly referred to as Boosting )​

  • If a player is doing something that a Staff Member considers un-fair Staff can use their discretionary power in order to stop the player.​

  • Killing a player in-game multiple times when leaving spawn or inside their base is not allowed. ( Unless they shoot first ) ( Referred to as Spawn/Base Camping )​

  • Prop/Entity Climbing, Blocking other players bases, or Minging is not tolerated.​

  • Attempting to create/use loopholes in the rules is not tolerated.


  • Entities should always remain inside of your base. ( Exceptions: Weapons, Ammo Crate/Kit, Fun Tab ) ( Unraidable entities are allowed in Prop Bases )​

  • You cannot have Turrets that hit players from outside your base without your main door being broken.​

  • You cannot have Multiple Bases or a Mega Base.​

    • Your faction is allowed to claim multiple bases ONLY IF the total number of rooms in all buildings is less than or equal to your factions player count, this rule does not apply if you are claiming only one building. (Meaning you can claim a 2 room building as an individual, but you cannot claim more than one building, however, if you have 3 people in your faction you can claim 3 1-room buildings but not 2 2-room buildings.)​
  • If your base is above ground then your main entrance must be the closest to ground level. ( Stairs/Elevators can be used as Ground Level )​

  • Any form of unbreakable Entity cannot be used as a defense unless you are blocking off Windows or Secondary Entrances.​

  • Any form of a player shooting outside of their base is not allowed unless they are raidable.​

  • You cannot start a Raid while inside someone’s base or leave a faction to raid your previous faction. ( Referred to as Insiding )​

  • You must be inside a faction if you have entities within someone else’s base.​

  • Any form of interrupting or preventing someone from doing something while Raiding is not tolerated. ( Referred to as Raid Interference )​

  • Any form of shooting through a one-way is not tolerated when not in a Raid.​

  • Any bases that require you to go through an Elevator, Teleporter, Ladder, or Water are protected by Gray Zones.​

  • Any form of blocking of an area with entities or props that prohibits access to a public area is not tolerated. ( Example: Tunnels or Underground )​

  • Props you stack within each-other should always have an off-set. ( You should be able to view most props with a Blowtorch )​

  • You cannot place entities inside of each-other.​

  • Any form of leaving/disconnecting while you’re being raided is not tolerated.​

  • Raid bases are not tolerated.​


  • Any form of Ear Rape played through a spray is not tolerated.​

  • Any form of hiding a spray is not tolerated. ( Exception: The spray is inside your base though the spray should still be visible and selectable inside your base )​

  • Any form of using your Fading Door to kill players in-game or prevent damage to the props is not tolerated.​

  • Any form of auto-collecting that is not accessible through normal means in-game is not tolerated. ( Exceptions: Users )​

  • Any form of attempting to avoid the AFK system is not tolerated.​

  • All NSFW Content with Sprays must be marked NSFW and we do not tolerate Gore, Vore, Loli, or Shota. ( Exceptions: Animes marked as Ecchi on MAL that isn’t Rated R+ and doesn’t contain Nudity is SFW )​

  • Using Wardrobe/Outfitter to gain any form of Combat Advantage is not tolerated.​