Moderator Ban Abuse + False Reporting

In game, i got muted for language by moderator (can’t find handle).
I killed a traitor who had just killed Veteran in the other room, i tagged both unID’d body and the traitor in question in chat using the keybind commands, and killed the Traitor ( CharBander NotFound.Tech STEAM_0:0:44414924 ) who reported me because i didn’t properly KOS him.
I reminded him i cannot KOS him because i can’t chat, plus he had just killed the Veteran and was standing over his unid’d body.
Moderator ( Durabler♣ Notfound.Tech STEAM_0:0:54218719 ) applied slays. I pointed out that i can’t use chat to KOS and his response was “USE DISCORD” and then slayed me again because i used the report function to communicate with him.
Please review this moderators actions, i can’t chat with anyone ingame and i can’t KOS the proper traitors, and you can’t force me to download and install discord + make an account for it. There’s no reason to, especially when i don’t need it to call out traitors, the moderator was just being heinous because i was already muted.

After reviewing all the evidence here is my conclusion:

  1. You killed the wrong person off of location, Charbender did not kill anyone, it was Mick who killed the Veteran.

  2. Charbender was never in the room where the Veteran died at.

  3. When you are muted in-game, you can still message in staff chat using @, and then you can still private message people.

  4. The reason why you were slayed for false report is because you kept keeping the report when it should of been canceled.

  5. Even if Charbender was standing in the room with the unidentified body, you still couldnt kill him unless he made 0 attempts to identify the body.

All punishments were justified and nothing was abuse.