Discord and server appeal

  1. What is your Steam Name? Ezaza
  2. What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:0:195441481
  3. What is your Discord Name and ID (Example#0000)? 667159997951639595 dingus_wingus
  4. Why were you banned? Discord: Posting nSFW gif Server: purposeful rdm leaving during report
    Discord: I posted a NSFW gif and deleted it. I fucked around and found out.
    Game: I have absolutely no idea what I did, I never saw I got a report because I was locked into the rules for 2-3 minutes, which I left because I went to go google all the roles for TTC. I was locked in the rules in the first place for false reporting, because a traitor killed me and a report prompt showed up, and I was playing as “phoenix”.
  5. Why do you think your appeal should be accepted?​
    Discord: It’s been 6 months and I learned my lesson. I apologize
    Game: I was locked into the rules and I couldn’t see I got a report, and I didn’t hear the report sound either.

I just got banned again for 7 fucking days for “purp rdm 2nd offence” the admin didnt bother asking what id di i just got fucking banned and i cant go on the discord becuase im banned

Denied, you purp rdm 2 people just now, and one of them was afk, you lied in the report saying it was lag, but you lined up the shot and then proceeded to kill them.