Dip Dop Ban Appeal

  1. What is your Steam Name?
    Dip Dop
  2. What is your SteamID?
  3. What is your Discord Name and ID (Example#0000)?
    dip_dop Dip Dop#3134
  4. Why were you banned?
    Bad for the server
  5. Why do you think your appeal should be accepted?​
    I’m appealing for the server alone and not the discord, as i may be bad for the discord but I don’t believe I’m bad for the server itself. The only place I seemed to cause drama was the discord server, in game I just played and didn’t cause trouble. If I’m not in the discord I don’t believe that being a nuisance and bad for the server still stands true. If I wasn’t in the discord in the first place would there have been enough for my remanagment ban? Arguments did seem to start from whatever I said in the discord so I can see how I was an issue so if I’m only unbanned ingame it shouldn’t be an issue.

This appeal is now under-review, and will be discussed during the 4/20/2024 Staff Meeting.

Denied, after speaking with the staff team and upper management, we have decided to upheld this ban.

You can appeal again on 7/20/2024.