Black Guy Ban Appeal

What is your Steam Name? black
What is your SteamID? STEAM_0:1:168162025
What is your Discord Name and ID (Example#0000)? .black_
Why were you banned? Hateful Conduct
Why do you think your appeal should be accepted?​

I’ve been away from GMOD for a little over a year and during that time, I’ve done a lot of growing up. A few months ago, I deleted the game for the first time ever, but I’ve ended up coming back to it. I’m really keen to play GMOD again before it reaches its last feat. I’ve learned from my past behavior and I’m committed to being a responsible player. I understand the impact of my actions and I’m eager to show that I can contribute positively to the game. I’d really appreciate it if you could reconsider my ban and give me a chance to prove that I’ve changed for the better. Nonetheless, I will still be myself if I’m given another go with the NFT. ; )

Good Afternoon,

Due to it being 1 year and a half since you were banned, I am going to give you another chance.

You are now unbanned.