10/01/2023 Development Log

10/01/2023 Development Log

Good Morning Everyone, and welcome to the Development Log for October the 1st, 2023. It has been a hot minute hasn’t it? We’re really excited to show everyone what we’ve been working as this is one of the biggest updates we’ve released, this update contains some QOL Improvements, Bug Fixes, Complete Reworks of some of our Systems and the Re-release of the Limited Servers.

When we talk about Balancing we like to put easy to see Symbols just to inform people that something was Buffed or Nerfed. Remember that (+) means Buff and (-) means Nerf.

A quick note that not all changes may be listed on our Development Logs, we try our best to list everything we can but sometimes we miss some small changes.

TTT Changelog:

General Changes:

  • The Temp and Loan System has been Revamped
    • What does this mean?
      • An improved UI that is much easier to understand.
      • Temp and Loan Trades now process Enforcement Actions immediately if any players who are associated are online.
      • If there isn’t anything in the other players Trade we no longer create Enforcement. (So no more double trades in your Temp and Loan Menu)
      • As the one who Loaned IC or Temped an item to a player, you can now Extend the Time the player has till enforcement begins. This should allow you to give players for example an extra week before Loan Payments begin.
      • Improvements to Temps
        • You can now level up Temped weapons for others, when leveling up a weapon it will automatically save the new level to the DB for when the weapon is returned.
      • Improvements to Loans
        • If you have a loan that is currently being enforced it now immediately takes IC when you are Given IC. This should stop those specific players who abuse loans, and try giving a Verbal IOU.
        • An originally planned feature was to add Interest to Loans, but to save time and allow us to push this update out faster we decided to put it on the backburner.
      • Bug Fixes
        • Temp and Loan Trades Enforcement Time has been fixed, no more pesky 1 Day Enforcement Trades due to this annoying bug.
        • An issue was fixed that caused players who are in their inventory, to get an error when a Temped item was removed.
    • The Daily Login Reward System has been completely reworked
      • What does this mean?
        • Going forward, Daily Login Rewards will no longer generate on a Daily Basis. When you join on or after the first of the current month, you’ll generate a list of Login Rewards corresponding to the amount of days in the current month. These Login Rewards will get progressively better, and you will get to claim the next day every 24 hours. This would mean the longer you wait between joins means the less rewards you can claim in a single month and you wont be able to get the best rewards towards the end. Daily Login Rewards are now claimable the following day at 12:00 AM ET, of the initial claim day. So if you claim your reward on the 14th of the Month, you’d be able to claim the next on the 15th of the Month, etc. Regardless of time of day.
        • The final day of Daily Login Rewards is a Guaranteed Interstellar with a chance at a NotFound.
    • There is now a Min and or Max Requirement for Select Maps.
      • What does this mean?
        • Going forward, specific maps like Peaches Castle will require a minimum amount of players before being able to be boosted, or allowed to be in a map vote. This should help alleviate some of the issues that comes from maps that are too small or too big for the current player count. This will also give people a chance to try out other maps when the player count is too low or high for x maps.
    • Items that have a Decon Multiplier on it like 1/2 Decon from 2x Drops can now be stacked with all items regardless if they have a Decon Multiplier or not.
      • Notes:
        • This currently doesn’t work with Auto Stacking on Sort.
        • This is one of the main reasons we delayed re-releasing the Limited Servers.
    • Welcome back the Halloween Battlepass:
      • We know players expected for us to be adding a new Climb and the Evolution Event, however due to the amount of time working on this entire update has taken we found it’d be best to delay those two until we are able to fully finish them. The new Climb will have new Unique Weapons along with a new Crate which we hope players are excited for.
      • The new Halloween Battlepass no longer has teams, however you still get to choose between the Witches Starting Models, further into the Battlepass you randomly get one of the Werewolves Models as well, we may make this a choice in the future, but now every team has the same rewards, with the Web Objective System, Candy Shop w/ New Items, etc.
        • The Rewards are based on all four of the previous teams, to bring back all those rewards players didn’t ever have a chance to get from Witches vs. Werewolves and Ghost vs. Ghouls. We hope you are all excited to play the Halloween Battlepass along with the new Climb and Evo Event coming soon. (3 Events at once :eyes:)
      • Candy Buckets now give the rewards it’s supposed to, this also includes it now giving Shop Crates as originally intended.
    • New Wacky Rounds:
      • Added a Jetpack Wacky Round.
      • Re-enable the Slippery Wacky Round and made it utilize Ent:SetFriction instead of the sv_friction ConVar.
    • +300% XP and Vape/Dola Event can now be bought with EC through the Supporter Shop.
    • Re-enabled the “No Equipment Allowed” and “Airborne Assassin” Daily.
      • Added Fall Damage as a option for the Airborne Assassin Daily.
    • Added a new command !RemoveBoost, this should allow players to remove boosts for maps they didn’t intend to boost.
    • Players Boosts now get removed if they disconnect from the server, for any reason.
    • Other Players Companions are no longer visible during Event Rounds.
    • Added a way for us to blacklist Playdead Taunt in specific areas of maps. (.i.e. Crummycradle Bread Room)
    • Made Bounty Vars generate randomly per player, before they’d randomize on Map Change/Server Restart meaning multiple players would have the same requirements.
    • Added a new Glue Trap T Item credit to 8Z.
  • Changes to the Weapon Tooltip:
    • Added Head and Limb Damage when you hold Ctrl.
    • Changed the wording for weapons that have trigger finger when holding control for consistency.
      • Current is now Curr and, Old is now Base.
    • You can now see how specific Talents affect Damage on the weapon like Center Mass, Fracture, Brutal, Big Iron, Dual, Paintball, Click and Boston Basher.
  • Added a new option in the Weapon Sway Setting that allows you to leave it Enabled when you’re not ADSing.
  • Removed the key that allows Innocents to quickly end the round from ttt_castle_2011_v3_day.
  • Disabled the ability to Enter Vehicles during Explosive Chicken Rounds.
  • Replaced Disabled Models
    • Whitebeard has been replaced with David Martinez from Cyberpunk: Edgerunners.
    • BOTW Link has been replaced with Twilight Princess Link.
    • Aqua has been replaced with Darkness.
    • Kagerou has been replaced with a Hitbox Fixed version. (Thanks to @Hayzee)

Staff QOL Changes:

  • Made it so staff can set a time (5m, 5mo, 1y, etc.) for gags/mutes.
  • Made it so staff can set a temporary (within the same map rotation) voice battery on specific players.
  • Changed the PO and SelfPO to display the ID of the Warns and Bans instead of an Incrementing Number.
  • Added a menu that allows you to update a players PO, .e.g., removing bans in the event that a ban was issued falsely, removing and or updating warns, etc.
  • Administrator+ can now utilize the unban command, before this was Senior-Administrator+.
  • Added a command for Senior-Administrator+ that allows them to check for Alt Accounts based on Player Data.

Talent Changes:

  • Frost

    • Movement Speed increased from 15% → 30% to 20% → 40% (+)
  • Assassin

    • Chance increased from 25% → 40% to 50% → 75% (+)
  • Silenced

    • You now have a 50% Chance to not shoot a Bullet Tracer. (+)
  • Dragonborn and Tug of War

    • Players affected by these Talents are now afflicted by Low Friction temporarily. (+)

Powerup Changes:

  • Added a notification for the Cashgrab, Credit Goblin and The Gift of Giving Power-Ups when they proc.

  • Credit Hoarder

    • Starting Credits decreased from 1 → 5 to 1 → 3 (-)
  • Cashgrab

    • You now also have a chance to get IC from Identifying Bodies.
  • Silent

    • You are now immune to the effects of Mark and Visionary.
  • Added a new Power-Up called “Spiked Shoes” this Power-Up grants +10,000% Damage when you Goomba Stomp. Goomba Stomping an enemy also negates 100% of your fall damage.

    • Special thanks to Data for assisting with the creation of the Power-Up Icon.

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed Weapons with Trigger Finger displaying the incorrect RPM Value due to a Hardcoded Min → Max. (This is no longer Hardcoded)
  • Fixed Hitmarker Numbers not Rounding, which creates confusion regarding Weapon Damage.
  • Fixed how when you click an item in chat, it doesn’t display some of the updates we’ve done so far like Displaying Weapon Classification.
  • Fixed Time Calculations for the Dailies. (Dailies should reset around 12:00 AM ET) (UTC -4/UTC - 5 depending on DST)
  • Fixed Global Drop Notifications for NotFound Items showing as Interstellar.
  • Fixed a bug which caused Auto Item Stacking and Items to stack onto Non Stackable Items. (Not Tradeable, Temp, etc.)
  • Fixed a bug which caused Temp & Loan Trades to lag, and constantly refresh on the client.
  • Added Fixed Player Spawn Positions for the following Maps (ttt_pelicantown, ttt_casino_b2, ttt_lumbridge_a4, ttt_mc_nightclub, ttt_oil_rig, ttt_peachs_castle_ultimax, ttt_rpgvillage, ttt_sandraiders_b2, ttt_ski_resort_a4, ttt_waterworld_remastered_2020 and ttt_slender_v4). (Special thanks to @Christian)

And that’s all the updates for this Development Log, I’d like to give a special thanks to all the players for sticking around and giving feedback on the recent updates.