TTT Door Blocking Rule Suggestion

In the MOTD it shows that Door blocking will not be tolerated and is not suppose to be allowed. But the problem is that in the MOTD that interferes with the ruling is it says you can kill someone for door blocking if they are blocking the door with 3 warnings (5 seconds apart.)

Here are the images to understand it further.

  • Here is the first rule talking about door blocking and saying how it is not tolerated.

  • Here is the second rule saying that you CAN kill off door blocking with 3 warnings 5 seconds apart.

The main reason I’m pointing this out is that it can confuse new or experienced players and possibly get them in trouble with no clarifications.

everything is fine good here but would say 3 seconds instead of 5 seconds for the countdown.


^yeah that would be better

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The “Will not be tolerated” i assume is just for pre round door blocking where you cant warn them.