Steves, Managment ban appeal

What is your Steam Name?
What is your SteamID?
Steam ID: 76561199070622336
What is your Discord Name and ID?
Why were you banned? purp rdm # (?) + being a nuisance.
Why do you think your appeal should be accepted? I know its only been a month since my ban, but during this month I’ve reflected on everything I’ve done on this server and how much of an issue I’ve been to the players and staff and first id like to apologize to everyone for that. I also feel that it should be accepted because over this last month I’ve really thought about what I’ve done and have been working to better myself since this is my favorite server I’ve found to the point of where I can promise that you would never get a report about me again.

Same format as the other appeals, same wording, do you even care to even act genuine?

well, I do assume it would be the same format for appeals, management or regular ban. and yes, I am being sincere, I do love this community and I have done a lot of self reflecting during this time that I’ve been banned, i understand that I’ve been given many chances during my time in this community, but i am truly sorry, and i understand that i do push the rules a lot but I’ve been working to change how i act.

Someone who was as sorry as you say you are, wouldn’t have gone about boasting about their exploits and constantly rubbing it in the face of others. You were given constant leniency and reform for most of your bans and were not respectful and thankful even a day after being unbanned. I can not continue to vote in favor of you and reform your ban.

i understand that it was dumb for me to constantly brag or talk about it, i had not really ever taken it seriously until the more recent times when i had calmed down about it and actually tried to be better. i understand that i may have not seemed respectful but i have always said thankyou to whoever it was that unbanned me.

Appeal Denied

You have an extensive list of punishments in this community, and have consistently tried your best to bs your way out of punishments. You have had well over 20 chances to show us you can improve, and reflect on your actions but you have failed to do so, your promises at this point are just empty to us. Not just that but your apology feels empty, you’ve done nothing to state what you’ve done wrong overtime let alone explain what you’ve done to improve yourself in such a short amount of time. I’ll give you a couple more months before you can make another appeal and lets see where it goes from there.

You can appeal again on 01/01/2024.