Sensor "Scamming ban appeal" And Encouraigng Self harm appeal. community ban

  1. What is your Steam Name? Sensor
  2. What is your SteamID? [STEAM_0:0:151031744] [76561198262329216]
  3. What is your Discord Name and ID (Example#0000)? Sensor#0001 / 513533866787602444
  4. Why were you banned? I was banned for “Scamming Pika” Something I was planning to pay back just not instantly ASWELL I payed back 500k of it. I can tell you guys were just looking for a reason to community remove me.
  5. Why do you think your appeal should be accepted?​ I was planning to fully pay back the loan after my 288k gamble I knew i’d win, I just wanted extra money after paying back the 300k I told him that but he didnt wanna listen. Aswell the 70% of the server would want me back because they enjoyed it when i was there !! >.< . Another reason is because I dont genuinely scam people for ic I paid back loans of 3m in 10 hours I handle 300k like its extra pennys on the floor. I could get on the server and make 700k in 12 hours if people are gambling. Aswell ig the only other thing I can say as a reason is I want to play with my friends again and have fun on the server It was the only fun I’ve had in awhile just gambling Nothing recently has amounted to this. Sorry for scamming him guys!! ( even tho i was planning to pay him back after I won my vs ) I wont scam anyone ever again very simply. The chances of it getting accepted is basically 0.1% I just wanted to appeal because Im sorry and now understand it ty for the short fun guys goodbye. Aswell, I would like to mention the thing I said to pika I would like to sincerly apology about and Will commit to never say that again. Im sorry for all it could of affected if anything has happend Im sorry pika. Aswell I dont care about being wiped , aslong as It’s possible for me to be unbanned
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Let him back in fr, he wouldn’t scam

Unban my guy. I love Sensor. Seems like he really wanted to pay it back, it all seems like a miss communication tbh. Let him back! <3

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So. You’ve already been banned from this community before because you’re willing to exploit, in regards to your previous ban due to duping. Completely ignoring that this is a direct scam, and pretty intense evidence of a painful gambling addiction (RE: “​I was planning to fully pay back the loan after my 288k gamble I knew i’d win”, “I paid back loans of 3m in 10 hours I handle 300k like its extra pennys on the floor”) You also used a slur while in communication with a staff member regarding the ban, AND encouraged said staff member to relay the message that the individual YOU SCAMMED needed to “kys”; it’s… Well, I’m gonna be gentle and say concerning. If you’d have made any, and I mean ANY attempt to actually apologize for what you’d done and said (mind you, I mean before FIVE, count them FIVE edits to include any actual apology) I might even vouch for you to come back with an account wipe and a ban from gambling. However; us hearing about something like this right now, with the amount of activity you’ve had on the server, means that this is almost certainly not an isolated incident. It’s certainly not the first time you’ve done something to directly damage the community you’re claiming is so valuable to you and is so directly upset by it’s loss of you.

It’s also insane to me that you’d apologize for scamming someone when you’ve actively said you didn’t scam that person multiple times in the post. It’s not even just that; you go on in a parenthetical addition to your sentence to try to justify yourself being an obvious scammer. From verifying everything you’ve said in this post and looking at all the evidence and context in which these things happened I really can’t find any reason to vouch for or otherwise want you back in TTT or, especially with your history of being willing to use exploits and workarounds to game the system, realistically in any form of NF.T at all.

You’ve been a net-negative for the entirety of the network and a direct drain on our resources when it comes to staffing. Having players you know, and friends in the server attempt to brigade this post just serves to prove my point. I can’t see, or find any time you’ve been a positive influence for this network. To me this is just a desperate attempt to gain back whatever it is that you’ve ill-legitimately obtained so that you can continue to feed a gambling addiction and do it safely in an, otherwise punishment-free manner.

I hope you find a way to manage your addiction, and I honestly hope you find a place to have fun and enjoy a community. I just cannot find a reason to WANT you here.