Psycho ban appeal

What is your Steam Name & SteamID? psycho, STEAM_0:0:72393857
What is your Discord Name & ID? Sawyer12#5779
Are you appealing for a Ban, Mute or Warn? BAN
What platform are you appealing for ( Server or Discord )? Server.
If you’re appealing for a Server which NotFound.Tech Server are you appealing for? TTT.
Why do you think your appeal should be accepted? because i literally said faggot one. if you are going to ban me for hateful conduct then you need to start cracking down on everyone who says anything hateful in anyway. also how do you know its hateful maybe i am a fag and enjoy saying the word. there was no warning nothing shoxee joined and immediately banned didn’t talk to me or anthing. also did nothing about the rdm that took place for me to use the language. shows how 1 sided this is. if you are going to ban maybe have a conversation first. maybe talk to me about it. you don’t know someones background you don’t anything about someone and you jump into a ban. also the verbage was “nice rdm faggot” and then shoxee did nothing about the rdm. if he was presented with the info to ban me then he also needs to do something about the purp RDM. good job.

Faggot (unit) - Wikipedia. please see cited info

other hateful words would include. BITCH Pussy other things along these lines. so if you are banning me you need to ban anyone who says any of those words. they fall under the same category. if you don’t uphold the same standard you are upholding with me then what are you saying? that you have favoritism towards other players?

Extreme Toxicity, Harassment, Racism, and Hate Speech are not tolerated. ( This includes using slang terms ). here is from the motd. here is the definition of hate speech 1. abusive or threatening speech or writing that expresses prejudice against a particular group, especially on the basis of race, religion, or sexual orientation. here is the definition of harrassment aggressive pressure or intimidation. so you are saying anyone who says psycho you report to much because you are annoying? are you saying that isn’t harrassment and they don’t deserve to be banned? is that what you are saying? what else are you going to let slide.

Christ dude it’s just 1 day, chill tf out

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**Appeal denied **

Using words like that are strictly forbidden on NFT. Staff members do not need to speak to you about something like this as it should be very clearly understood that you are not allowed to say these types of things under any circumstance on the servers. It would not be fair if we let certain people say certain things because of their backgrounds. Rules are there for a reason and are put in place for everyone to follow. The reason the staff member that banned you came in and didn’t say anything is because you were reported and all proof was given to the staff team and was acted upon. In the future do not use this type of language on the servers and understand that hateful conduct is hateful conduct no matter what and can be acted upon by the staff team.

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so any hateful conduct. so if i start reporting any word that is considered hateful and as long as i have proof you will adminsiter the same punishment?