I was postponed for a 2 month ban, i came back and theres still 8 weeks on it

Sorry to uhm, bother about it. but i really had to comment because it was sept 7th? I think i last recall being on the server and having passed november 7th i wanted to hop on and greet people again who’ve i not seen in a long time (!!) and i just saw the ban still and it made me really upset! I tried to settle/dispute it twice beforehand to no avail so im wondering if you could please lift it now. sorry otherwise.

and yes i was upset but man :frowning: im not a bad person i swear

also the new forum layout looks tight, props to you whoever worked on it. i wasnt sure where to post this otherwise, there wasn’t a proper board for it yet it seemed for this request. thank you btw

(I’ve had it somewhat good albiet chaotic, spent 350+ hours on cinema gmod and the trolling there is 100x worse than anything> and i apologize sincerely for any sort of RDM, even in self defense of another player RDM’ing me (if i try to join the server it still says theres 8 weeks left on it, one month is 4-5 weeks and im sure i have been through at least 10 saturdays by now)

Please send your Steam ID, I’ll check on your ban.

Hey, I’m sorry for the late response. The Ban/Mute/Warn Appeals is now available under #ban-appeals.

i uhm remember disputing it twice already and it should have timed out by now, rocker. If then I should just hop in game without a warning message

also my steam ID is Steam Community :: Aliens Are Us - FourWinds10.com

It would not be worth disputing something hardly recallable, which would likely just be worth an apology to someone ingame (who likely never got one) and i got a 2 month ban for one explosive in one round. tough

Ban Appeal Accepted

Congratulations your Ban Appeal has been accepted and your ban has been lifted!