Appeal to ban and question about ban

  1. Sovereign Olivier NotFound.Tech steam id 76561198212449344
  2. Olivier Jay(Tsuki)#6747
  3. 1 Week Ban
  4. server
  5. TTT
  6. more of just curious about the ban , I haven’t had any reports on me recently and I’ve been avoiding it as well , so I would just like more context
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You were banned from a ticket that was made about you RDMing.

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any more context would be nice , maybe who it was or when it was ? who it was so I can avoid them and when so i can know when i messed up to see if i can remember doing it .

Confidentiality and anonymity is paramount in these player reports, have you ever considered being a good person and not breaking the rules instead.

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hey moist why are speaking in the place of the staff , maybe you also should be considerate and move on from this . Dont butt into things you don’t have anything to do with :slight_smile:


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Keep this dude banned, got off a month mass rdm ban and started rdming 2 days after his unban.

That ban was false and it wasn’t a mass rdm ban, but nice try at slander

This appeal is under another players ban appeal, please go to correct place to post it:

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After further review, your ban will be lifted due to the fact that the staff team took an extensive amount of time to punish you through a rather old ticket. However, your ban will still count towards your PO.


How long does it normally take for a ban appeal to be accepted or denied?

You need to make an unban appeal.

i have where do i post it

Post it here : Ban/Mute/Warn Appeals - NotFound.Tech

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do i just create a new topic or what?

Yes you make a new topic

i just did hopefully i can get a reply soon