Alastor Dolos Staff Application V2

Sorry bout the first one, felt like I posted it in the wrong place.

  1. Alastor Dolos NotFound STEAM_0:1:122900086

  2. Yep

  3. Randomizes mostly, usually on each day from 3am-7pm(certain days) or 12am to 12pm (certain days) Times vary cause of work and boring life stuff.

  4. Nope and Nope

  5. Seems like fun, plus relieve some stress off of other admins

  6. Probably, gotta learn how to use this PC if that is even possible

  7. 6 days

  8. Cause I can be funny sometimes but take it serious when needed.

  9. Don’t even know what that is and it completely depens on how my life turns out :slight_smile:

  10. 19

  11. Nope, but I got translator app on phone

  12. Warn em via voice and chat, if continued then gag for 1-2 rounds. If it then continues gag for whole match or 30 minutes.

  13. Tell em to take it int oprivate messaging or both get gagged for 1 round

  14. Get proof and PM a moderator or the big boss

  15. Instantly send it the Big Boss and to a moderator in PMs and ban both players

  16. give em a slay if they hit anyone with a message stating the reason

  17. Completely situational; For the inno who followed the KOS nothing, it aint their fault honestly; for the inno who called the KOS a slay with a message. For a T who called it then nothing (as long as its not against the rules).

  18. Delay=slay, wait till progress is made, if not then slay

  19. Collect the evidence and ban both parties for the amount of time stated as well as the reason for the ban.

  20. Delete the NSFW and mute them so they cant type for a respectable time. If continued then kicked from the discord with a warning about the NSFW stuff.

  21. Warn em to stop or else they get the gag/mute

  22. Follow what is stated in the rule book, if its another server then possible gag/mute

  23. Tell em to take it to bot command or gag/mute em

hope ya enjoyed :wink: <3

Literally have never seen this guy play ever not known enough to become stable staff will most likely abuse power


I have no idea who this guy even is

Also it’s helpful if you copy the questions into your application so we don’t have to figure out what you’re referring to

You are a very new player, your applications formatting is wrong, some of the answers in your application make you seem pretty unprofessional. -1.

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-1 never seen you play plus format wrong

Denied for Failure to follow the format:

’ You must copy the entire format excluding the staff application rules that include the questions!’