4/17/2023 Development Log

4/17/2023 Development Log

Good Morning Everyone, and welcome to the Development Log for April the 17th, 2023. It’s been around a month since our last Dev Log, the main reason for this is that I hadn’t been doing a lot of Development Work, and didn’t want to post a Dev Log that contained nothing in it, though I am getting back into the groove of it, and going forward we’ll be continuing the weekly dev log schedule. As for this Dev Log, it’ll mostly focus on miscellaneous changes and bug fixes, along with just any changes pushed to the live servers since the last dev log.

A quick note that not all changes may be listed on our Development Logs, as we may be working on stuff we don’t want to talk about a good example would be future events.

What are we currently working on?

  • A new event inspired by the God Event is in the works. We plan to release it in the coming weeks so stay tuned for more information.

  • Adding the ability for you to stack items that have a decon multiplier.

    • Prioritize splitting items with a lower decon multiplier first.
  • Reworking some of the Event Rounds, Gun Game and TNT-Tag.

  • Updates to the TTT Base, bringing most of it to the current ver of TTT provided by Facepunch.

The Items below are things that we planned on working on and have previously announced but are currently on-hold due to various reasons.
  • Temp & Loan Trade Menu Rework.

  • A rework of Taunts, this rework of Taunts will include a change for all taunts to be First Person but will no longer take up your special slot in the inventory. After equipping your Taunts; you would then hold your taunt key which will bring up a Radial Menu to select a Taunt.

TTT Changelog:

General Changes:

  • Dragon Round Improvements:

    • Add actual Health Num to the Health Bar Display.
    • Replace Boss with Dragon on all Text so it says “INCOMING DRAGON ROUND/THE DRAGON IS VICTORIOUS” Rather than “BOSS”.
    • Reduced Dragon Health from 7,500/player to 4,000/player.
  • Damage Log Improvements for Staff:

    • Re-added “Quick Ban” option for “Purposeful RDM” in the Damage Logs.
    • Damage Log Bans now ban based on Minutes, Hours and Days rather than just Minutes.
  • Moved “{target}” Chat Replacement from Server Side to Client Side.

  • The Versus Tax in the Gamble Tab has been added to the trade based Item Versus when you are gambling IC.

  • The “Loves Embrace” Power-Up now heals at a minimum of 1 HP regardless if your Average Health/s is less than 1. - Taullarcis

  • Implement a “Time Remaining” string like the one from the Climb for “Temp & Loan Trades”.

  • Reverted the changes done to the “Explosive” Talent on 01/23/2023.

  • Increased the Explosion Magnitude of the “Explosive” Talent and “Explosive Rounds” Talent.

  • God Event now requires a minimum of 4 Players in-order to progress, this change was made to prevent people from “Metagaming” their God Event.

  • Added the non-TE variant of the “SG550” to the Global Drop Pool, originally was only for the “Deadshot” Unique.

  • Added a White Halo/Glow to Players with Spawn Protection for the FFA, TDM and One in the Chamber Event Rounds.

  • Added Maps to the Global Map Pool (ttt_bb_teenroom_b2, ttt_castle, ttt_crisis_v1, ttt_dog, ttt_existential, ttt_giant_daycare_fixed_gfl, ttt_jungletemple, ttt_technobabble, ttt_theship_v1, ttt_thething_b4fix, ttt_wanda)

  • Removed Maps from the Global Map Pool (ttt_stargate_v3)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed mostly every minigame round not having their proper random rewards, before all “random” rewards would be cached on server boot/map change.

  • Fixed “string.Grammarfy” still adding punctuation to strings that already have punctuation.

  • Fixed not being able to type in the Inventory Search Bar while in a trade.

  • Fixed “Temp & Loan Trades” most of the time ignoring custom time and defaulting to 1 Day.

And that’s all the updates for this Development Log, I’d like to give a special thanks to all the players for sticking around and giving feedback on the recent updates.