12/19/2022 Development Log

12/19/2022 Development Log

Good Morning Everyone, and welcome to the Development Log for December the 19th.

A quick note that not all changes may be listed on our Development Logs, as we may be working on stuff we don’t want to talk about a good example would be future events.

What have our Developers been working on?

@Taullarcis is currently not working on any project due to his computer being broken. Though he will be back 12/31/2022.

@RockerOfWorlds has been working on the Inventory Search Bar, Daily Login Rewards System and general updates.

What will we be working on in the coming weeks?

  • Temp & Loan Trade Menu Rework, more info on it is above.

TTT Changelog:

General Changes:

  • Grievous Wounds is now a Global T4 Talent.

  • Added the following maps ttt_ouhhh, ttt_partycity, ttt_xmas_nipperhouse, ttt_panic_room_v1f_xmas_a4, ttt_space_station_edit, ttt_urban_ruins_v1, ttt_farpoint, ttt_mephitic, ttt_nightmare_church, ttt_amsterville_winter, ttt_productiontown, ttt_concrete_b3, ttt_csgobank, ttt_67thway_christmas_v1, ttt_peach_castle_ultimax, ttt_christmas_pool_v1d and ttt_richland_night.

  • Removed the following maps ttt_simpsons and ttt_volcano.

  • Brought back the Snowday Battlepass from 2021, not a whole lot of people got to play this event and we wanted to give players something to do. We’ve also re-enabled the ability for Holiday Crates to spawn in the map.

  • Re-enabled the Krampus Round and the ability to get Dragon Round on Canyon.

  • Update the Climb/Battlepass to show the next 5 tiers rather than only the next 1 tier.

  • Added an Inventory Search bar to make it easier to find items by Name, Custom Names, Rarity, Weapon Name and Weapon Classification.

  • Added Daily Login Rewards, this will allow users to claim a new thing daily. It could be IC, EC, random crates from the shop or a random Item. Random Items start at the Legendary Rarity and can go up to NotFound.

  • Removed the Dark, Light and Original Themes due to general themeing issues as we never accounted for any other theme except for Blur during our updates. The Blur, Clear and Alpha Themes are still available to use.

  • Disable Rare Item Warnings Setting now disables the “Are you sure you want to deconstruct this high rarity item?” as well.

  • Made the Bunny Hop Setting enabled by default.

  • Made the Safe Messaging Setting disabled by default.

  • Made the default Outline Effect Chams instead of Halos.

  • Added missing Loading Screen Pictures for maps added in the past and the new maps.

  • Added new Bounty called Floor Goblin, this is based off of the Halloween Event.

  • The Jetpack has been improved and will actually make you fly now and get off the ground.

  • Replaced Halloween Crates in Bounties with Holiday 2021 Crates.

  • During Together Forever Preround if a player hasn’t pressed any key they will be forced into spectator mode.

  • Bunny Hop has been disabled during Stalker Rounds.

  • Renamed the Summer Event Collection to God Event Collection.

  • Re-enabled the Christmas Miku, Carl Wheezer and King Dice Models.

  • Disabled the Whitebeard Playermodel.

  • Gave the Power of Love and Doomladen the correct Weight Stats.

  • Gave the Void Avenger it’s proper stats.

  • Fixed Energizing Weapons having the wrong Min and Max Stats.

  • Made the size of the gamble tab align more with other tabs in the inventory like the Dailies and Event tabs.

  • Changed the Round Limit per Map to 15 instead of 20.

  • Santa’s Reins are now Interstellar instead of Celestial

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed an issue which caused players to still drop disabled models.

  • Fixed maps that are whitelisted but don’t have the ttt_ prefix not showing up in Map Votes and not being able to boost them. This fixes the issue with halo_ascension_fix3 not being boostable.

And that’s all the updates for this Development Log, I’d like to give a special thanks to all the players for sticking around and giving feedback on the recent updates.