1/9/2023 Development Log

1/9/2023 Development Log

Good Morning Everyone, and welcome to the first Development Log of the year for January the 9th, 2023. Since we didn’t have a Dev Log on 1/1/2023 this Development Log may contain some changes that were originally supposed to be included in the 1/1/2023 Dev Log.

A quick note that not all changes may be listed on our Development Logs, as we may be working on stuff we don’t want to talk about a good example would be future events.

What have our Developers been working on?

@Taullarcis has returned and is back to working on things.

@RockerOfWorlds has been working on miscellaneous changes and suggestions; he will be getting back to work on the Temp & Loan Trade Menu Rework next week.

What will we be working on in the coming weeks?

  • Temp & Loan Trade Menu Rework, more info on it is above.

  • A rework of Taunts, this rework of Taunts will include a change for all taunts to be First Person but will no longer take up your special slot in the inventory. After equipping your Taunts; you would then hold your taunt key which will bring up a Radial Menu to select a Taunt.

TTT Changelog:

General Changes:

  • When hovering over item icons and holding Ctrl, Name Mutated Items now show their true name so for example my “Ban Hammer” would turn back into “Gravity Hammer” when holding ctrl. You can disable this in your settings but this should make it easier for users to find out what type of item it is.

  • The “Rewards” button in the “Dailies” tab of the Inventory now goes directly to Daily Login Rewards rather than redirecting to the “Free Rewards” tab of the Supporter Shop.

  • Lowered the minimum amount of rounds before RTV from 5 to 3.

  • Disabled the “Bunny Roleplayer” Bounty/Daily.

  • Death-Effects are now properly silenced by Headshot Kills, Knife Kills, Silent, etc.

  • Added ttt_pit, ttt_arghhh, zuhhh and ttt_yesterwind to the Global Map Pool.

  • Removed ttt_ouhhh from the Global Map Pool.

  • Holiday 2021 Crates obtained via the Bounties have been increased to 12 for White/Tier 1, 24 for Purple/Tier 2 and 36 for Green/Tier 3

Weapon Balancing:

  • Lego XM/Christmas Lights Changes:
    • RPM: 120 → 150 (Buff, Reverted to Original Stat)
    • Damage: 12 → 13 (Buff)

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed being able to use Minigame Tokens like the Apache Token on Maps that it shouldn’t be usable on.

  • Fixed an issue that would cause you to not be able to close the Temp & Loans Menu.

  • Fixed an issue that would allow you to open the Daily Login Rewards Menu multiple times subsequently causing it to get stuck on your screen as well.

  • Fixed the Shell Carrier talent giving weapons like Blunderbus more rounds in the clip then it should have.

And that’s all the updates for this Development Log, I’d like to give a special thanks to all the players for sticking around and giving feedback on the recent updates.