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Dec 18, 2020

1. What is your Steam Name & SteamID?: Woman Notfound.tech(STEAM_0:0:159600227)

2. Do you have a Microphone?:yes

3. What are your availability times ( Weekdays/Weekends & Timezone )?: weekdays all day, weekends 5:30-10 pm PST

4. Do you have any experience staffing & are you experienced with using ULX or SAM?: I Staffed on multiple servers (I can only remember the names of two though seeing as this was years ago) I staffed on moat for 2 years before it shut down, I also staffed on a server called Bobarian gaming for 2 years aswell

5. Why did you choose to apply for NotFound.Tech Servers?: Notfound is my favorite TTT server, I would like to contribute to players having a better time here and assist new players in getting set up as much as I can as well as show my appreciation for OG’s. I have also been missing staffing for awhile now, I remember back on moat after I got staff it made me a lot calmer of a person because I had to stop and think before I reacted poorly, I would also love to contribute my ideas to the staff team 😊

6. Do you have the ability to record for proof/evidence?: Yes, indeed I do

7. What are your current in-game hours on the server you are applying for?: 70 days

8. Why do you think we should choose you over others to join the staff team?: I make skins, I love the server, I know all the staff as friends(except dewtewer he smells:)), I only play gmod I am online when staff are not.
I like to help the new players get setup for a good time

9. If you get accepted and when you are a high enough rank do you plan on becoming Network Staff?: sure big woman staff

10. How old are you?: 19

11. Are you bilingual if so what languages can you speak?:No, i only speak the English. :(

General Scenarios:

1. If someone was chat-spamming what would you do?: Verbal warn, !warn, mute/gag appropriately

2. If someone was having an argument that started getting out of control in chat what would you do?: Ask them to take it to private chat, mute/gag if continue.

3. If another staff member was abusing their rank what would you do?: Gather all evidence, report to staff manager, if The current staff manager (Jerome) is rank abusing, report to taul (Go up the command chain with reports)

TTT Scenarios:

1. If you receive evidence of someone Out of Game Trading, how would you handle it?: Gather all evidence discuss with 2 higher ups (one of them admin +) determine if it is OGT, punish accordingly (month ban+wipe)

2. How would you handle a report caused by someone T-Baiting?: "t baiting is a slay-able offense"-Uncle Ruckus

3. How would you handle a report caused by a False KOS?; If a traitorfalse KOS an innocent: {player1} kills {player2(kos)} neither party is punished, if an innocent kos’s another innocent: the one who called the kos will be slain, if a traitor kos’s traitor the kos-er is slain, if a KOS is called on purpose and it is not accidental (just to troll) the player who called the kos should be punished for purp offense

4. If a player is intentionally delaying what do you do?: !pa Delay=Slay, if they do not make any attempts or appear to be actively traiting !slay {player name} (!afk/!unafk for t staff)

5. How would you handle a Ghosting Report?: Discuss with 2 other people (one of them being Admin+) confirm it is ghosting, punish accordingly

Discord Scenarios:

1. How would you handle a situation where a person is posting NSFW in the Discord Server?: Delete message, mute/warn, let them know this is not ok, talk to them in DM’s to confirm they know it’s not ok, give them second chance if they do again bigger punishment

2. How would you handle a situation where a person is trying to bring Drama in from other Servers?:ask them to stop(warn) if continue (mute), ban if their only intent is to bring drama from other servers and they only joined to do so

3. How would you handle a situation where a player was trying to advertise on the Discord Server?: ask them to stop(verbal warn), if continue mute, ban if this is what they are intent on doing

4. How would you handle a situation where a player is posting bot commands outside of the bot commands channel?: Verbal warn, redirect them to #🧰bot-commands , if continued mute

Wouldn’t let me post in discord cause it’s over 4k characters 😂
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Aug 22, 2022
+1 have known since moat times literally forever ago, def knows rules and can work with players can 100% tell she will be good staff :D
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