Unblock ejectPod()

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Feb 13, 2019
So first of all, what is ejectPod()?

ejectPod() is a function which exists in Wire/Expression2.
Its purpose is to eject a player from a vehicle.
So you can make an Expression2 chip that ejects a player from a vehiclce that it's applyd to.

There is an keybind in VCMod that locks the car.
Its purpose is to not let other players into a vehicle that has been locked.

So basically ejectPod() and keybind have the same result both make it impossible to steal a vehicle.
The problem with the keybind for VCMod is that you can't make it automatic.

ejectPod() and killPod() have been blocked from the server some days ago, which is the reason why I make this suggestion.
What is killpod()?
It's the same as
ejectPod() but instead of ejecting the player from a vehicle it kills the player.

Why have they been blocked?
They have been blocked because 5 people complained about not being able to steal someone cars and to hide them then. (basically minging)
I understand that killPod() has been blocked because it literally kills the player that is trying to get into the car.
I do not agree on blocking
ejectPod(), which is why I make this suggestion. It is just an automatization of locking an vehicle since it has the same result.
If automatization shouldn't be allowed on the server then an automatic fading door also should be blocked since it's also an automatization.

Thank you for taking your time and reading my suggestion. I hope I could convince you to unblocking ejectPod() and give me an +1 for that.
If you are not convinced and give me an
-1 please give me a reason for that.


Being X is one of the people that complained about it so I added proof to this to just show you that they are only minging.

Yours sincerely,
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Mar 25, 2019
I like to jump in peoples cars, the eject thing stops people from doing this. (Yes I know it's annoying but it's fun when they are mean to me c: )
Plus I was there when Being X did it :/


Jan 28, 2019
- Suggestion Approved -

Your suggestion has been approved the ejectPod should no longer be blocked as a usable function in-game but killpod in-game will not be re-enabled.​
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