Tiered weapons (defunct)


Apr 18, 2020
The idea is to split weapons up in tiers to make progression more meaningful and to make getting better weapons from pvp or raiding more substantial.

Tier 1 - USP, Fiveseven, Glock
Tier 2 - Deagle, MP412
Tier 3 - M3, Argus, knive
Tier 4 - UMP, MP5
Tier 5 - Magpul Masada, L85A2
Tier 7 - G36, FN FAL
Tier 6 - SCAR, M14, AWM
Tier 8 - M98b, KRM
Tier 9 - AK, VSS, M16
Tier 10 - M249, AR15, M4, XM8, L115

(there are more weapons but you get the point)

Players should not be able to give other players in their faction weapons above their tier. The lower tiers should go faster than they currently are if this system is used, to prevent people from being stuck on pistols for an hour.
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