Rollaids (murked) ban appeal

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Dec 28, 2020
1. What is your Steam Name & SteamID? Rollaids | STEAM_0:0:64544139

2. What is your Discord Name & ID ( Example#0000 )? Murk#8384
3. Are you appealing for a Ban, Mute, or Warn? Ban
4. If you're appealing for a Server which NotFound.Tech Server are you appealing for? Notfound TTT
5. Why do you think your appeal should be accepted?

I was banned for 12 weeks for 3 accounts of purp rdm via prop killing.

I saw Fizzy Kaminski prop kill Stabidy and I thought the server was just having fun and me and other people (I do not know who) but we where throwing around minecarts (On the original TTT Minecraft map w/ the tower) and all three that reported me decided to not forgive me, one person even decided to not forgive me when Fizzy announced that I was going to be banned.

While this was my third off for purp RDM, it has been a VERY long time since I've done something this stupid. Ban offenses should reset after the offender in question has behaved for awhile after their bans. My second offense was a misunderstanding that was obvious acc RDM, but previous slays got my appeal denied. While I do have my fair share of slays, I don't have as many slays as other players on this server; and while I did do something VERY stupid, I believe my ban should be shortened to 3 weeks for the 3 prop kills, or it should be treated as a trolling/prop abuse ban. 12 weeks seems excessive to me and I just want to go back to having fun on

I am sorry to the people that I killed while prop killing, and I am sorry that I messed up their rounds.

I truly want to get unbanned from notfound, and as my next purp ban is perma, I won't break the rule again. My last ban was 54 days ago today, and whike that isn't 90 days, it's still a long time to not have received a ban. I also would like to get unbanned so I can give Conmine23 his guns that he temped to me back


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Nov 26, 2020
-After Review-
The evidence shows that your ban IS justified.
Your mistake was assuming that the people that you killed are okay with what your doing.

Seeing someone do something that breaks the rules and getting away with it does
NOT mean its okay for you to do it.

The other person involved must be ok with the action. If not then you are liable to be punished for it.

For future reference... Its ok to have fun just
don't impede other people's fun as well. Ya just need to be more careful next time

I'm honestly sorry to say but
-BAN Upheld-

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