Roleplay Guide


Apr 5, 2019
Role-play Guide

This guide is here to help you understand, as a new player, how the game-mode works, and what you could and should be doing while you play.
When you start you'll need to make a citizen character, with a name, description, and think of a backstory (this doesn't necessarily need to be written down, but I write mine down). Names should be serious, as well as descriptions. They don't NECESSARILY need to match the model, and you're free to add flavor text if you want.
For reference, I'm going to give an example of how to write a Description *This isn't how it HAS to be done, just how it looks when done well* <Please note that anyone under 18, and over 60, affiliated with the Military, or Black Mesa departments, were killed. Having any of this be a part of your backstory breaks lore, and as such is not allowed.>
|Shoulder-length, Chestnut Hair|Hazel Eyes|5'9|Dirty Blue Jumpsuit|Scar over Left Eye|
Roleplay for the server is Text based. You can, and SHOULD use /me to animate things you do when you do them. /it is used for animating events that happen around it. Combat has a special guide and depending on the fight situation /must/ be used. Guns are overpowered on this server, and while people need to miss some shots on purpose, most of the units are trained to shoot. Same as hand to hand combat. Getting shot, and where, is important. That will influence your movements and has penalties to rolls. You CANNOT just overpower someone by saying /me steals gun, and it's important to realize that all things you do need to have a Roleplay Motive. Assaulting a unit for fun is usually going to end badly for you, and if you don't have a grudge/reason than you shouldn't do it. Same for assaulting members of the public. Treat your character like they have value, and are living a real life.

From your first step off the train, you've got nothing. No home, no friends. Your first move should be going and getting somewhere to live. An apartment to go back to, or be in if you're not out and about in the city. After that, go out and meet some people. Do note that there are several laws within the city, as you do live in a dreary, oppressed world. You can get in trouble for just about anything and everything depending on the unit and how they felt that day. You'll probably want to follow most of the demeaning commands they give you, and realize that congregating in groups of four, running, shouting, cursing, being disrespectful, having contraband, ect. can result in you getting beaten or detained. Or both. Citizens are able to use several shops, or every so often, get rations from the dispensers. You can also request to run shops from a Civil Worker's Union personnel, and don't need to technically be a part of the CWU to run one. Other than that, you're mostly waiting for things to happen. The Grotto is open frequently and you can meet some pretty interesting characters there, as well as enjoy yourself. Be ready for when the CCA conduct Apartment Raids, and when Judgement Waivers are issued. You'll see Work Cycles be run; there are opportunities that are, if I'm being honest, going to be pretty boring. These will award you loyalty points, and usually an extra ration.​