Prestiging Issue


New member
Apr 9, 2021
I recently started playing this server and quickly hit lvl 10k pretty fast due to some hard core grinding and hit prestige lvl 1. Prestiging to lvl 1 gave me 8 credits to spend in the perk shop, I spent them on the perks that I desired and back to the grind I go. Getting to prestige Lvl 2 came with a concerning issue of the level system or something, basically i prestiged to lvl 2 but It said that I was still at Lvl 1 prestige and not only that but all my current perks that have points in them are gone. I did have an moderator try to fix my prestige by manually giving me a prestige point and the 8 credits and I tried putting them into the same perk's that were gone and it did nothing, it took the credits but in return gave me nothing, I have a video me trying to spend the credits in a shitty resolution.
<The video>