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Aug 10, 2019
When prestiging up 1 point is kind of limited, think of having 5 points and being able to upgrade overall capacity, individual printer income % and being able to unlock the prestige upgrades for printers at higher prestige levels. EX. Prestige 0 unlocks the ability to individually upgrade the first to third printer's income, either as a whole, or each one separate. Prestige 3 offers higher tier printers to be upgraded and so on. I'd also like to see what kind of increase/effect/% the type of upgrade has just in the /prestige menu.

Prestige points don't have to start out at 5, you could introduce a upgrade to increase it and each level of upgrade is blocked off at a certain prestige level.

- Overall printer capacity / banks?
- Individual printer income increase
- Unlockable Prestige upgrades at certain Prestige levels.
- More information on the prestige menu
- Prestige level required to prestige increase the higher the prestige level this introduces higher money gains needed to prestige as you go on./
- Blast resistance from C4 and Bombs during raids

You can add gaps (Higher prestige level required or just the difficulty to get the next printer) in-between certain prestiges if the next prestige introduces something that could help speed up runs a lot. EX. You have a gap in the VIP printers and Tier 2 where the price is 300,000 then it spikes to 30m or 100m for VIP and for me once I get a few million I run to the slots and eventually get +100mill and it jumps that gap faster than waiting.

For someone like me I always notice patterns and when I do, I realize how boring it is and end up quitting

With possible overhauls in the prestige system, you can reward people who have spent a lot of hours prestiging. Possibly a headstart with a prestige or 2 depending on their progress as well with quests you can integrate them with the prestige upgrades as you unlock new printers from questing.
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