My name is Borg.


New member
Apr 20, 2020
My name is Borg, and I am usually on, but have decided to take a break from the server because I have an unhealthy mind set and need to work on myself and what I am passionate about.

I'm usually playing other games and working on my maps for half life or doing what I love which is welding. Ever since I welded my first button onto a plate and chipped the slag away I've been infatuated with it ever since, day in and day out id sit on a bucket or stand and just weld away on a plate until it glowed like a fourth of july barbecue pit in the middle of hillbilly country. Previously before COVID-19 I was training to become certified for structural welding and was getting mighty close to my test, but since none essential things are closed for the indefinite future things will have to wait until everything is cleared out and safe before proceeding.

I am a massive fan of anything science fiction and absolutely adore star trek because of it, from the original series to The Next Generation to voyager its all amazing to me, even the new series Picard!

I have a short fuse and no patience to bullshit when it comes to people and trying to do things. Either work with me or leave me to do my job in peace. I am a very busy person when life is normal and when people get in my way it only limits my personal time more than what it already is.

I enjoy some of you on the server, but a lot of people are extremely ignorant and arrogant to the people around them. Shits and giggles is fun sometimes, but when you take it to an extreme and make their experience hell out of spite you really kill the game for anyone who enjoys playing, and it sucks that I have to come on here and say that, but people are incredibly toxic as normal people not just as players.