Map change?


Apr 18, 2020
rp_downtown_2020 - Big and lots of destructible windows and one-room houses. Some graphical errors/artifacts, but optimized. I do not like this map very much due to the amount of unviable bases.

rp_downtown_d3 - Kind of bright, but I like a lot of the changes to the buildings, and a lot of the buildings look a lot nicer. The underground system is a lot more compact and less confusing and there is more cover around the map for general PvP improvements. Map is a lot more compact but still maintains a lot of base spots, making this my favorite map out of the list.

rp_downtown_ryze - It's a modified version of downtown_tits_v2. I don't really have any feelings about it, but it's interesting I guess.

rp_downtown_solar - It's just downtown_altered but optimized and fixed. I really like the town square of it but the rest of it is pretty much normal downtown. It's an alright map, but it might be too small.

rp_downtown_triton - NOT DOWNTOWN TRITON V2. THEY ARE DIFFERENT. There are a some locked doors which are annoying. There is also a lot of destructible windows, which makes it not very good.

rp_downtown_v4c_v3 - Gives me 2004 vibes. Lots of destructible windows, the map is large but is very connected. Not many viable base locations, I don't really like it.

I personally like rp_downtown_d3 the most.