Captain Oppai

God Of Sempus
May 15, 2019
Haven't formally introduced myself to this community at all, I'm more or less bored so might as well do it now.

My name is Zach, I am the current Community Director of NotFound.Tech. My history in terms of this community ranges from the very start when me and Rocker thought our previous name had a... well let's say a bad reputation. So thus NotFound.Tech was born to give us (or probably Rocker) a fresh start. Clean slate with the Garry's Mod community. (Might try to persuade Rocker into becoming a general game Network not only in Garry's mod.) I left the team a bit after the launch of the BaseWars server. This was due to personal issues, and more or less my incompetence in thinking a relationship with someone in the staff force will work. So I resigned because I wasn't stable enough to deal with any server affairs and I ended up getting on bad terms with Rocker. Months later get me a ol' little message on my steam about Rocker wanting to talk! I hop along and we built up a friendship again, we didn't really have a work relation because I wasn't on the server as a staff member but some how I ended my way back on the server. In all honesty it was because I didn't like how the server's staff team was poorly managed. "Wow like you can do better?" I'm not trying to say I am the best it was just not being taken care of as some people may know. Hell I'm not 100% sure it's taken care of now. Any who, I am back here, my friendship with Rocker is back which is great, we have known each other for 5 years when we met on a SlaveRP. I believe I only talked to him was because he tried to get me to talk to the owner of the server to look over his application. Haha, it was something. Now, that's about my history and i'm sure nobody would be reading this by now, probably thought "This is too damn long for a intro" I know. I like to type huge as paragraphs for no reason, not sure why. Another reason is probably because it is 1:33 AM and I'm bored af. Now, i'm usually seen as a cunt (at least what I believe people see me as) due to my harshness. I get it, people think i'm incompetent and I understand why. I won't vouch for my self because I am a cunt, pretty harsh, and I have no idea where it came from in honesty. It started when I was doing staff applications and assessing them so precise, trying to get perfection in the staff team. (An Ace team, probably Rocker only knows what that means x3) Any who! For those wondering why this is in the HL2RP section, it is because we have no general section. But just for those who want the raw HL2RP shit, I am currently the DvL of JURY. (Fitting for a sadist dick x3) I am harsh and forceful in game as my DvL and if you really want to know I can discuss it in dms. But I'm not too much of a cunt. Would love to talk to people and make friends, also just a little warning. I am not too experienced with specifically HL2RP and it is pretty new. Although I am not new to RP at all. I'd say I've been doing it for a fewish years.

I'm gonna shut the fuck up now, if you ever want to talk more I'd be happy to. You can contact me on my discord (Jisatsu#0272)

Love ya guys (no homo ;3)
also low key if you read this all please comment. I wanna see what crazy fucks would sit through and read that all. (Also it wasn't proofread, I was too lazy)