Hello :D


Feb 13, 2019
Hi, my name is Artur and my in-game name is Pluthorium ( you can also call me Pluth). I'm from Germany and still go and will continue for a long period of time to visit school. I'm 17 years old and started playing Garry's mod about 3-4 years ago. Time I like to do in my freetime is playing video games obviously and also I like to go swimming. At the moment I'm also into learning programming. It could have happened that we've met already in Garry's Mod, since I've spent a bunch of time (+4000 hrs) already playing it. The first time I played basewars was on the creation of Lagnation (dead server basically). Since then the gamemode has got some new features and some of them kind of destroyed the experience of the old basewars. But as I joined the server I noticed this one was different. I'm very happy that I've found this server and hope that we will come along on this server.
Yours sincerly, Artur
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