Harrasment from Grinder+Wood Floor

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Aug 10, 2020
1. What is your steam name? - DemonTheDreamen SteamID [ STEAM_0:0:139688846 ] SteamID64 [ 76561198239643420 ] Steam Name [ DemonTheDreamen ] EDIT: Because they seem to love doing this too

rotter3 SteamID [ STEAM_0:1:224070993 ] SteamID64 [ 76561198408407715 ] Steam Name [ rotter3 ] and Cheif SteamID [ STEAM_0:0:41248711 ] SteamID64 [ 76561198042763150 ] Steam Name [ Cheif ] too

2. What is the person's steam name and steamid that you are reporting? - Wooden Floor SteamID [ STEAM_0:1:53108916 ] SteamID64 [ 76561198066483561 ] Steam Name [ Wooden Floor ] and garey SteamID [ STEAM_0:1:226294532 ] SteamID64 [ 76561198412854793 ] Steam Name [ garey ]

3. Is the person you are reporting a staff or a regular player? - Regular Players

4. Can you describe what happened and why you are filing this report? - So I dont know exactly what I did to these people besides warn them, but they are so butt hurt about it that every moment I breathe on the server they feel the need to constantly insult, and belittle me and I've had enough. They also are insulting me and Shaylnn for basing together as furries are rotter3 keeps putting FURRY UNITE in a belittling way in the chat. I'm sure they'll play Coy and act all innoccent but these guys have got to go, I dont wanna be the one to smack them for this because I will NEVER hear the end of it.

5. Provide any evidence you have! ( Video Link/Screenshots ) -
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