General weapon suggestion thread.

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Feb 17, 2019
This thread is for the suggestion of new sweps, damage dealing entities, armed vehicles, or any other method of exterminating your opponent. All are welcome to post what they'd like to see added to the basewars arsenal! This thread should NOT be closed in the event its approved or rejected, as its meant to be a long term discussion thread.

With that out of the way, Here's a list of my favourite sweps, ranging from realistic to nonsensical and fun. All should be more or less viable for PvP and aren't overly comical or silly and thus shouldn't be added as part of special VIP packs.

(Adding weapons to the normal VIP is fine! We only have the 3DMG and nyan gun in the VIP buy menu)

TFA Sweps & Dependencies:
( )
( )

We all know what these are. Good ol' gunpowder actuated firearms meant for launching lead at the skulls of your foes.

A Collection of Insurgency 2 sweps, running on the TFA Base. Supports attachments:

A collection of Call of Duty sweps, running on the TFA Base. Should support attachments? Most notably is the Olympia, linked separately here!:

A Karabiner 98k. Again, TFA Pack:

T H I C C G L O C K :

SPack Sweps & Dependencies:
( )

A collection of unique combine aesthetic energy weapons, with only some requiring the super lightweight base. Great for prestige 1-3 rewards, super fun!
I've been dying to see these used in server and definitely should be considered!
Not open for further replies.