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Jan 28, 2019
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Hotkeys and Commands
  • i - Inventory Menu
  • Q - Drop Weapon
  • C - Traitor/Detective Shop
  • F1 - Tutorial & Custom Binds
  • F2 - Mute Players as Dead
  • F3 - This Menu
  • F4 - Event Menu
  • F6 - Adjust HUD
  • F8 - Damagelogs
  • !motd - This Menu
  • !menu - Command Menu
  • !block [name] - Wipe From The Face of The Earth; Mute a Player
  • !playtime [name] - Check a Player's Total Playtime
  • !pm [name] [msg] - Send a Private Message
  • !trade [name] - Sends a Trade Request
  • !unblock [name] - Unmute a Player

  • RDM
    • Random Death Match, killing or damaging players without reason.
  • KOS
    • Kill on Sight - You can kill KOS’ed players any time.
  • Ghosting
    • Getting information about the game from sources outside of the game.
  • Metagame
    • Teaming up with other players counter to how TTT is meant to be played to accomplish external objectives such as dailies and contracts.
  • Association
    • When a player witnesses a traitor being traitorous and does not do anything about it.
    • When a traitor that is confirmed does not kill another player.
    • When a player does something that only a traitor can do.
  • Delaying
    • Intentionally prolonging the game as ANY role.
  • OGT
    • Out of Game Trading - Trading in-game items for real-world things such as money.
  • Traitor Baiting
    • When you pretend to be a traitor to cause someone to kill you.
  • Alt Trading
    • When you trade from an Alt Account to your Main in any way. Having friends join to trade your items from special events is also not permitted.
  • Scamming
    • Hiding values of an item from the seller/buyer.
    • Refusing to trade back to a player after doing the above.
  • Trolling
    • Doing something in the game to intentionally hinder players that are on your team.
  • Hateful Conduct
    • Extreme Toxicity, Harassment, Racism, and Hate Speech are not tolerated. ( This includes using slang terms ).
    • This extends to cosmetic items, weapon names, titles, and steam profile name / picture.
  • Harassment
    • Repeated targeted abuse towards another player
  • Exploiting
    • Abusing game mechanics, bugs, or oversights in order to gain an unfair advantage.
  • No NSFW Content
    • This includes pornography and graphic content such as gore and vore.
    • This applies to steam profile names/pictures, weapon names, titles, and cosmetics.
    • This also includes extreme profanity in voice or text chat.
  • Extreme Toxicity, Harassment, Racism, Sexism, and Hate Speech are not tolerated. ( This includes using slang terms )
    • This includes the use of cosmetics.
  • No Advertising
    • This includes just constantly talking about other servers.
  • No External Drama
    • Do not bring drama in from other servers, it doesn't belong here.
  • No Out of Game Trading
  • No Exploiting
    • This includes using detective items / prop flying to get to any area that you cannot reach by naturally walking there.
      • No using blinks, thunder thighs, grapple hook, to enter traitor rooms as detective / innocent.
      • No using blinks, thunder thighs, grapple hook, to enter detective rooms as traitor.
      • No using blinks, thunder thighs, grapple hook, or prop flight to get out of the map.
  • No Hacking / Cheating
  • No Scamming
    • This constitutes knowingly overcharging a player / underpaying a player without first disclosing that you are not giving them the true value.
      • If caught violating this rule a force trade-back will take place, if refused you will be punished accordingly.
  • No Voice / Chat Spam
  • No Prop Minging
  • You must have 3 consecutive English characters in the front your name.

TTT Rules
  • No Traitor Baiting
    • No damaging detective equipment.
    • No damaging traitor testers.
    • Do not kidnap traitor testers.
    • Do not shoot near or around other players as innocent.
    • Do not intentionally complete traitor objectives as innocent if the map has them.
  • No Metagaming
    • No helping other people complete their dailies.
    • No helping the opposing team win.
      • If you're an innocent or detective your goal is to help innocents win.
      • If you're a traitor your goal is to help traitors win.
    • No randomly throwing flashes as an innocent or detective, this counts as helping traitors win.
  • No Delaying
    • No camping in inaccessible locations to prolong the round.
    • No intentionally allowing innocents to live for a prolonged period as a traitor.
  • Do not call false KOSes as an Innocent or Detective
    • KOS may only be called when you have concrete evidence that a player is a traitor such as:
      • Being shot at by a player.
      • Watching a player enter a traitor room.
      • Seeing a player have traitor equipment.
      • Seeing a player kill another player without attempting to identify the body.
      • Seeing somebody open fire on other players unprompted.
      • Seeing a player fail to identify a body (5 seconds AFTER being asked ‘ID or KOS’ in text chat).
      • Seeing somebody throw a discombobulator near an edge with players on it.
  • No Ghosting
  • No Blocking Entrances with the Detective Turret.
    • Do not KOS players for breaking turrets in these scenarios.
  • Door Blocking will not be tolerated.
    • Putting props indoors to prevent them from closing.
    • Standing behind a door to prevent it from opening/closing fully.
    • Entities that act as doors will be treated as doors and thus door blocking
    • Openings that can only fit one player in them will be treated as doors and thus door blocking
  • No RDM
    • Killing players to get revenge for previous rounds
    • Killing off of the model
      • Seeing a players model without seeing the players name and using that as the identifier for who is KOSed
    • Killing off of location
      • Seeing gunshots or other traitorous sounds come from a specific location and KOSing based on the location is not acceptable
      • Seeing a person die near a location and KOSing a player based on the location is not acceptable
      • It is acceptable to KOS off of location if the player has without a doubt committed a traitorous act within a room with one entrance, including anyone else who was inside that room.
        • A room with only one entrance/exit (T Rooms count as exits)
      • It is also acceptable to KOS off location if the location is a Traitor only location
    • Killing off of weapon
      • Seeing that a player was killed by a specific weapon and using that as the reason to kill a player who is also using the weapon.
    • Killing off of sound
      • Similar to KOS off location, you cannot kill a player for sounds such as eating a sandwich, banana bombs, gunshots, or death screams.
    • Killing for door blocking (without giving three warnings 5 seconds apart in text chat)
    • Killing someone for following you AT ALL.
    • Killing someone off of suspicion
    • Killing someone for not identifying a body
      • Must tell them some form of “ID or KOS” AND Identify the specific player in text chat and waiting 5 seconds before killing them.
    • Killing someone who is AFK in overtime
      • Must ask them if they are AFK and they have 5 seconds to respond before being KOS
  • No Alt Trading
    • Getting another person to hop on the Server to trade, for example, Event Items to get double/triple, etc., of the rewards is still considered Alt Trading.

Role Specific Rules
  • Detective Specific Rules
    • Do not randomly disarm players, you must have some sort of suspicion.
    • Do not randomly grapple players, this classifies them as trolling.
    • Do not grapple players to drag them into testers.
  • Traitor Specific Rules
    • Do not reveal your traitor buddies’ identities.
    • Do not intentionally open the traitor rooms for innocents for any reason.
    • Do not intentionally do things to inherently reveal your traitor buddies’ identities.
      • This includes intentionally throwing explosives at them.

TTC Role Specific Rules & Clarifications
  • As a Survivor, you ARE allowed to KOS any players you see once the survivor passive procs. (You obtain 75 hp for each evil-doer alive once you are the last innocent alive)
  • Veteran roulette is NOT allowed. This is considered a purposeful RDM. (Randomly shooting someone with the veteran pistol to gamble if they are a traitor based role.)
  • You can NOT KOS Witch Doctors if they respawn a traitor based role.
  • Repeatedly killing the Jester on purpose as a Traitor or Detective is considered trolling. (Since Jester is visible to these roles.)
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