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Dip Dop

Dec 10, 2020
1. What is your Steam Name & SteamID?:
Steam Name: Dip Dop SteamID: Steam_0:1:155800785
2. Do you have a Microphone?:
3. What are your availability times ( Weekdays/Weekends & Timezone )?:
All time on discord except midnight-6am
4. Do you have any experience staffing & are you experienced with using ULX or SAM?:
I know how to use discords mute/ban mechanics
5. Why did you choose to apply for NotFound.Tech Servers?:
I talk in the discord a lot, there never any discord staff that I see doing anything and ttt staff seem sick of doing there job and are not the best at it. Im well known within the community by staff and members alike and think I could help. I just want to give good ideas and help the community out as staff, I know the community well and know when staff might be making a bad decision that will give a lot of backlash like a lot of decisions.
6. Do you have the ability to record for proof/evidence?:
Yes, OBS
7. What are your current in-game hours on the server you are applying for?:
over 1k hours in gmod, joined discord 12/09/2020 and have most sent messages on server
8. Why do you think we should choose you over others to join the staff team?:
Im known by all people in discord and friendly with nearly all. i may not be the most liked within the staff team but i think i could do a good job staffing the discord as im nearly always active, give good ideas and can help. i can mostly always be on, know most people can help without having to mute. i also dont get muted as much as thought, mostly forgetting auto mute bot is a thing
9. If you get accepted and when you are a high enough rank do you plan on becoming Network Staff?:
yes if i knew what it was better
10. How old are you?:
11. Are you bilingual if so what languages can you speak?:
can speak tiny bit of spanish/french

General Scenarios:

1. If someone was chat-spamming what would you do?:
Warn them once or twice in chat to stop then if they keep going mute them for an hour to cool down
2. If someone was having an argument that started getting out of control in chat what would you do?:
warn them to take it to dms or leave it then mute whoever is continuing the argument
3. If another staff member was abusing their rank what would you do?:
record as much proof as possible and bring it to higher ups

Discord Scenarios:

1. How would you handle a situation where a person is posting NSFW in the Discord Server?:
Delete the NSFW, warn once strictly to stop then mute for a day
2. How would you handle a situation where a person is trying to bring Drama in from other Servers?:
warn to take to dms/leave it alone then mute if they continue
3. How would you handle a situation where a player was trying to advertise on the Discord Server?:
Mute them for a day for advertising in discord and mute the advertisement
4. How would you handle a situation where a player is posting bot commands outside of the bot commands channel?:
Most people do this anyway but if see it warn a few times to do it in bot commands but if they keep going then mute for half an hour
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Mr. HeadCrab

BaseWars Staff
Mar 18, 2019
-1 banned way to many times for not listening or following the rules
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