DemonTheDreamen's BaseWars Staff Application 2: Electric Boogaloo

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Aug 10, 2020
- General -

1. What is your Steam Name & SteamID? - DemonTheDreamen STEAM_0:0:139688846

2. Do you have a Microphone? - Yes

3. What NotFound.Tech Server are you applying for? ( BaseWars, TTT or HL2RP )? - As the title implies, I am applying for BaseWars.

4. What are your availability times ( Weekdays/Weekends & Timezone )? - Mainly Weekends, since school and everything. Though I will be available on weekdays sometimes. My time zone is CST

5. Do you have any experience staffing & are you experienced with using ULX or SAM? - I used to be a TMod on a DarkRP server that was shut down. And I havent had much experience using ULX or SAM. I did however learn some basic commands.

6. Why did you choose to apply for NotFound.Tech Servers? - I've been playing on this server so awhile. I've noticed a lack in mods most of the time, and I've been trying to help other players who

7. Do you have the ability to record for proof/evidence? - I use Medal, it is a shadow recorder. I am able to make clips very quickly and have them uploaded in minutes if something urgent happens.

8. What are your current in-game hours on the server you are applying for? - 90hrs (can’t check exact rn)

9. Why do you think we should choose you over others to join the staff team? - Like I said a couple sentences ago, I've noticed a lack in mods being on for quick access but that also is just that nothing really goes down :/ While that is fine, I'm on the server quite a lot frequently enough to help any small tasks that someone could be having issues with. I'm also not trying to say there is NO mod presence. Just the other day, Wolf came on to stop a player who was prop blocking spawn. I just want to be there to help out the players and community. Especially new players who have either, never played BaseWars, or are just new to the server.

10. If you get accepted and when you are a high enough rank do you plan on becoming Network Staff? - Yeah, I could see myself applying for Network Staff.

11. How old are you? - 17

12. Are you bilingual if so what languages can you speak? - My first language is English, but I can understand German, however speaking isn't.

- Scenarios -

1. If someone was chat spamming what would you do? - Give them a Verbal, and if problems continue, temp gag them

2. If someone was having an argument that started getting out of control in chat what would you do? - Ask that both of the players either take it to DMs (So issue a Verbal), or if they don't stop gag them.

3. If another staff member was abusing their rank what would you do? - Record video evidence of this and send it to the higher ups.

4. If you noticed a player in the distance prop spamming what would you do? ( BaseWars ) - Confront them and issue them a Verbal and delete their props if they don't do it themselves.

5. If someone has entities outside of their base what would you do? ( BaseWars ) - Inform them they have props outside their base. If they don't do anything about it delete them myself.

Thanks for reading <3
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Jan 28, 2019
- Accepted For Interview -

Thank you for taking the time to write your application.
You have been accepted for an interview please contact me ( RockerOfWorlds#6252 ) or Jisatsu/Captain Oppai ( Jisatsu#1987 ) on Discord.
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