Blatant cheating

Jon Arcrunkle

New member
Dec 22, 2020
Hello, sorry to bother but I've had a bit of an issue

Two players by the name of Just1n and Diego Brando (Both donators) engaged in a series of very annoying and troublesome raids. Despite the fact that only one person can raid a solo player at a time, while Just1n was raiding my base, Diego proceeded to place barriers around;
-Just1n's bomb, so that I could not defuse it
-My sentries, so that they could not fire
-My health and armour dispensers, so that I could not heal. Although of course, they had a fading door so that they could use my dispensers themselves
After I successfully repelled the raid, Justin switches to a gigantic Allosaurus playermodel before using it's impossible hitbox to kill me, and stayed within my base until his raid timer expired. Then, he used a bomb to destroy my entire base.

A barrel that was used to envelop my turret
Another barrel to block turret fire
The aforementioned fading door used to prohibit healing

If you could prevent such exploitation in future, it would be excellent for the health of the gamemode and the server
Thank you for reading
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Aug 10, 2020
Yeah, I’ve seen his T-Rex model before. It’s super scuffed and isn’t aloud as far as I’m concerned. The hit box is in between the legs where a normal person would be. He’s cosplaying as Diego Brando from JOJO. He turns into a dinosaur. First time he did it to me was as a joke during a knife fight, but he is 100 percent using it to gain an edge in fights. Which isn’t allowed. Hopefully this get settled :/