1. Taullarcis @ Taullarcis:
    First XD
  2. Dolber @ Dolber:
    I won the giveaway
  3. CSi.Venom @ CSi.Venom:
    so where do i go to appeal to my 2 day ban for "x2 rdm'ing" on TTT
  4. JamesNBS @ JamesNBS:
    Server down for me too!
  5. mCdolans @ mCdolans:
  6. Taullarcis @ Taullarcis:
    @CSi.Venom you can appeal your ban in the Ban/Mute/Warn appeals section of the forums. Be sure to follow the format.
  7. Skinnyboyo @ Skinnyboyo:
  8. Dwani @ Dwani:
    Dropped my first Interstellar today pog
  9. mCdolans @ mCdolans:
  10. Dwani @ Dwani:
    If you are reading this you are cool
  11. mCdolans @ mCdolans:
    What interstellar was it?
  12. Dwani @ Dwani:
    It was The Phantom Element
  13. Dwani @ Dwani:
    It had good talents and good stats sold it for very big mixed overpay and 400k ic
  14. SuperCooperMage Going Pro @ SuperCooperMage Going Pro:
    connor if you see this legacy legit thought he was t lmao and you were innocent