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  1. themachine

    Are you guys going to think of unbanning me?

    I hardly did anything worthy to consider getting a 2 month ban- prestigiously I wish not to batter around it or focus on it as it was a meandering mistake and hardly even worth apologizing for. That in it of itself, i am still waiting and pensively sometimes dart about clicking the server- only...
  2. themachine

    one explosive on a round killing two innocents leading to a 2 month ban?

    Just one round, where in the impulsivity of where things were heading (melee'ing, shooting the glass below them etc.) and instead of being slayed i got a two month ban. Which i think is permeably offensive and or much too irrational. I would have taken even 3 slay rounds or even a 30 minute ban...
  3. themachine

    May you politely shorten my 2 week ban?

    I would please want to return to normal viable gameplay. Let us put everything in the past, much appreciation.
  4. themachine

    tried to complete dailies and got a 2 week ban

    I was throwing tnt with warning to others ingame as I was trying to complete a daily (and i was banned without further warning) did a whole pissy rant on the discord about it which i can go back to screenshot. But i wouldn't have been doing the same thing tomorrow since I would have different...