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  1. vez

    Scope's TTT Trial Staff Application

    -1 XDDDDDD
  2. vez

    Staff App

    -1 toxic and you've already had one chance ;)
  3. vez

    Noel_22's ttt staff application

    -1 toxic af, you're not fit to be staff :D
  4. vez

    gamer tactics NotFound.Tech Staff Report

    1. What is your steam name? - im not vez NotFound.Tech 2. What is the person's steam name and steamid that you are reporting? - gamer tactics NotFound.Tech STEAM_0:1:96667440 3. Is the person you are reporting a staff or a regular player? - Staff 4. Can you describe what happened and why you are...
  5. vez

    NoMinecraft's Staff Application

    -1 just no 🐵
  6. vez

    Player report on Ian.