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    Drugs Change

    Drugs are annoying to make, annoying to stock up, and annoying to use. Drugs need an overhaul to make them easier to use. The only way players can store them is in props. Maybe make the drug machines into vending machines and allow the drugs to be stored in the vending machines themselves, with...
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    Put a gun rack in the game to hold weapons for us. Preferable over just spawning a giant pile of weapons in your base. Something like this-
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    We have a subreddit now! please join and have fun! You can post basically anything you want for now, not limited to NFT stuff.
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    Randomly through the day when 20+ people are on a war/tdm will start. All the players will be split evenly as possible keeping players in there factions on the same team. Whatever side gets the most kills gets money based on % of there current money. EDIT- No raiding whill happen durring this...
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    Admin tickets

    Have a notification if a staff member claims your ticket. EDIT- Also when they close it
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    Whos online

    Somewhere on the forums, discord, or NFT home page have a list of staff members and normal players currently on the server
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    New VIP&Normal player content

    I would like to add more content for VIPs and players that are more for fun Such as- Hoverboards- A 1 time a day use of a friendship cannon-
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    Replace current c4

    I would like to replace the current c4 with Black Ops C4- Obviously well need to edit time to deploy and damage.
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    1-way prop ban

    1-way see through props that you can shoot through should be banned or have a rule around them stating that you can't kill players not in a raid against you through them. In my opinion, it is an unfair advantage.
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    I believe the EMP-Grenade needs to be tweaked a bit. In a way that causes them to be more tactfully used. Such as possibly limiting the amount you can use in a raid altogether while keeping everything else the same. For example maybe a max of 5 grenades per player for a raid. EDIT: The way the...
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    - General - 1. What is your Steam Name & SteamID? - CraftedShot & STEAM_0:0:54271908 2. Do you have a Microphone? - Yes 3. What are your availability times ( Weekdays/Weekends & Timezone )? - M, W, F, Sat, Sun minimum probably an hour. 4. Do you have any experience staffing & are you...