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  1. Uncle Ruckus

    False banned

    Can you please follow the correct format :)
  2. Uncle Ruckus

    ban appeal

    After looking at all the evidence, I will go ahead and unban you, due to not having a video to help the staff team understand what the situation was. Please in the future be more careful, and once again, do not kill off of sound, location, or gun. Unbanned.
  3. Uncle Ruckus

    Peeping Turtle's Purp RDM Appeal

    Even though this is the wrong format, we already talked about it, and you will be unbanned, please next time follow the format and be careful in the future. Unbanned.
  4. Uncle Ruckus

    Colton's Ban Appeal - Meta Gaming - C4 Roulette

    After talking to the person who made the report, we learned that you are new to TTT, and you are still learning the rules, I will go ahead and unban you, but in the future please be mindful of the rules, since we will not be lenient again for this. Unbanned.
  5. Uncle Ruckus

    Connor ban Appeal

    This appeal has been accepted. You are on a one strike system, break any rules or get warned, and you will be perma banned once again. Good luck and have fun
  6. Uncle Ruckus

    Jammys Staff Application

    Since you advertised your staff app in game Denied.
  7. Uncle Ruckus

    Unban appeal

    But like, you couldn't put anymore effort into this?
  8. Uncle Ruckus

    Can I to get unbanned please

    Denied, you purp rdm Woman, and were reported for, after looking at all the evidence, it was determined that it was Purp RDM, and therefore lead to your 3rd Offense Ban,
  9. Uncle Ruckus

    Muse Staff App 2

    Accepted, please message me on discord at Bestie#7710 so we can move forward for this. Looking forward to this :)
  10. Uncle Ruckus

    my ban appeal

    Denied, you can only make a ban appeal for bans longer then 4hrs, and since it has been way past 30 mins, you are unbanned in-game already. If you have proof of the guy vote-kicking, please make a report in the discord or on the forums please.
  11. Uncle Ruckus

    My Official Apology and ban appeal [ConnorPlehs]

    Denied. Due to you ban evading your management ban.
  12. Uncle Ruckus

    Steve's Mod app 2.0

    Denied, due to have an active past offense. If you want to know more about this, please message me on discord.
  13. Uncle Ruckus

    8BitMusician Staff App

    Denied, please message me if you want to know why you are being denied.
  14. Uncle Ruckus

    M T Cast Kit's Admin Application v1.0

    Denied, due to reasons we have talked about in dms.
  15. Uncle Ruckus

    I like to bully Rocker

    I like to bully Rocker
  16. Uncle Ruckus

    Ban after I got unbanned for nothing

    Please use the correct format and You were banned for Purp RDM x2 | 2nd Offense.
  17. Uncle Ruckus

    MT Cast Kit abuse kicks me

    Good Morning, ImLopi, after looking at all the evidence, you were warned for Harassment, banned for 2nd Offense Harassment, and then Perma Banned, for mass rdming over the two maps, you were on. Everything else, everyone has been punished, which the staff team knows about already. If you have...