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  1. Mr. HeadCrab

    Players using PAC3 Camera(abuse)

    The PacCam doesnt render what's on the other side of the wall it might render a spawn point and players but everything else stays invisible because the user Abusing the PacCam cant directly see the entities
  2. Mr. HeadCrab

    Dip dop mute 100?

    The reason why you out of everyone else just gets an insta perm mute is because you know the rules and have done it multiple different times hense why you get no leeway compared to other users maybe if you were toxic all the time or whatever you end up doing that's the reason why and as for your...
  3. Mr. HeadCrab

    Discord Ban Appeal

    Personally I think you shouldn't even be asking for an unban we stay out of your server and your servers business so you shouldn't be trying to invite yourself into ours I feel the ban should stay because you are not affiliated with us and we dont peak at your business so you should show the...
  4. Mr. HeadCrab

    Ban appeal

    its only a Day long ban in my opinion you can be patient and just wait it out it wont kill you to wait
  5. Mr. HeadCrab

    Warn Appeal

    Accepted Your warn will be removed because the players couldve simply asked you to fix it and explained where they were shooting out from
  6. Mr. HeadCrab

    Big Man Patty's Ban Appeal

    Accepted Your ban appeal has been Accepted however I am warning you I am not the staff member to cross if I catch any instance of you being sus, Cheating in anyway, or breaking the rules your ban will be put back into effect
  7. Mr. HeadCrab

    Ban Appeal

    As the Staff Member who issued this warning doesnt want to look at the forums I will handle your ban appeal Case Closed User will be unbanned due to the fact that he shouldn't have gotten a warning for being AFK in the first place and the staff member couldve simple respawned him
  8. Mr. HeadCrab

    Scope's abusive warning

    Case Closed by Scopes Warning will be removed from user by management
  9. Mr. HeadCrab

    Player report.

    Thank you for your report Both players have been warned for Harassment Case Closed
  10. Mr. HeadCrab

    Warn Appeal

    I will remove and decrease your active warnings for the situation but you also have to see how that can be seen as provoking since he told you to stop and then you corrected him when you honestly didnt need to I wouldve worded my reasoning better but I am exhausted after working since 4 AM this...
  11. Mr. HeadCrab

    Demon Admin Abuse

    As it came from behind you most likely he ran away and unvanished then came back and killed you In all honesty you cant call someone out on "Admin Abuse" if you dont look behind you as he couldve been uncloaked when he killed you then recloaked before you came back. I will still talk to him...
  12. Mr. HeadCrab

    Demon Is an Abusive Admin and a Shitty Human Being

    He refunded you both for the raid after he realized he had it on so you cant use this against him and he also informed the staff team of it
  13. Mr. HeadCrab


    Your ban appeal has been Denied For the reason of it has no real reason of why you feel you should be unbanned you stopped being apart of the community in my opinion when you got on BW just to minge No one in the new community even knows you so this isnt a good reason in the slightest Denied...
  14. Mr. HeadCrab


    Thank you for your report both players will be receiving a warning for Base camp Case Closed
  15. Mr. HeadCrab

    BaseWars Admin App

    -rep and +rep dont effect the Application in the slightest it just shows us how the community sees you while in the overall picture its how the staff team sees you and if you would currently fit the staff team Just a slight tip Overall I see no hint towards extreme toxicity however Im not...
  16. Mr. HeadCrab

    Staff report against Nez and DemonTheDreamen

    Thank you for your report I will be having a Talk with Nez about Slaying users and talk to the Owner about removing Perms for lower ranks to slay in the first place. As for the second video which is the report on Demon Logs show that Briar was using a kill bind to most likely avoid a SIT and...
  17. Mr. HeadCrab

    Discord Ban Appeal

    I am denying you for the reason of you dont have an actual reason for wanting to be unbanned and dont even know what you did wrong which tells me yuo would most likely do it again Denied Reason: Not having a real reason for wanting to be unbanned you can appeal again on 212303
  18. Mr. HeadCrab

    Can this please stop happening to me?

    Denied You will not be unbanned as you have multiple offenses against you 2 of which are for the same thing and we take Racism and Hate Speech very seriously and the insiding warn shows us that we can't even trust you to play with other users without stabbing them in the back when they go AFK...
  19. Mr. HeadCrab


    They are messing with you but giving you a +1 in the long run