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  1. imdewtour

    Discord Ban Appeal

    Ban Appeal Denied Gonna take a hard pass on accepting this, you're essentially taking no accountability for your actions. The only reason you want to be unbanned is that it puts you in a bad spotlight because of your previous actions and you wanna snoop on us. While you weren't a Head Admin at...
  2. imdewtour

    Scopes false muting on the discord.

    I'm very sorry for the late reply, I've been extremely busy. My reason for delaying the actual response is for figuring out what was happening with Scopes in terms of his termination. Seeing as he's no longer on our staff team I'll be moving this.
  3. imdewtour

    stalk discor ban apeal

    Appeal Accepted While I shouldn't accept this for you not knowing the reason for your ban, I do like giving second chances. You were banned for posting an animal cruelty video of a rat being caught on fire then proceeding to leave the Discord. While this is being accepted, know that if you...
  4. imdewtour

    Discord Demote - Death

    Staff Report Denied No action will be taken Alright, let's handle this, you guys were really complaining about him being AFK for 2 minutes to go to the bathroom just because he previously kicked someone for going to the bathroom. You were told numerous times to drop the conversation and you...
  5. imdewtour

    gamertacitcs's TTT staff application

    I fixed your TTT problem cause it was annoying me tbh
  6. imdewtour

    Discord Ban Appeal

    Ban Appeal Accepted Seeing as it's been 2 months and you are aware of your wrong-doing, I will be unbanning you from our Discord. To note although I feel as if you won't, if you post another crash link it will be another perm-ban that is unappealable.
  7. imdewtour

    Stabidy Power Tripping Again

    Alright, let's handle this, While you may not have meant it in a harmful manner it would've been best to DM a staff member and not push the situation after it was stated that it shouldn't be talked about. I personally can't blame staff for acting a bit hostile towards this, we have been dealing...
  8. imdewtour

    Stabidy Power Tripping Again

    Locked, will give a reply in the morning when I read through this mess.
  9. imdewtour

    IJC discord pogchamp

    - Staff Application Denied - Thank you for taking the time to write a Staff Application. Denial Reason: I was kind of putting this off hoping someone would reply but no one did, anyways that's not a reason, just wanted to know others' opinions. So starting us off, I think the application is...
  10. imdewtour

    ThePatheticSamurai's NotFound Discord Staff Application

    - Staff Application Accepted - Thank you for taking the time to apply for staff, I am sincerely sorry for the late reply to your application. Please contact me on Discord to set up an interview, ImDewtour#7161
  11. imdewtour

    Bunnehs Night Time Staff App Again

    Ignore below, it's been updated. Thank ya. Hey there's a new staff application format, it actually includes TTT scenarios. Fill out that one and remove the unneeded scenarios as it adds cluster.
  12. imdewtour

    Dip Dop Application 6

    - Staff Application Denied - Thank you for taking the time to write a Staff Application. Denial Reason: Due to recent actions immature actions within our community I will be denying this staff application. However, this is not the only reason for denial, overall I think you're too lenient...
  13. imdewtour

    ImDewtour staff report

    1. Why would we delete it other than the fact that we didn't want it there? 2. HE LITERALLY DIDN'T DENY IT. READ. 3. He was muted for clearly doing something HE KNEW SOMEONE GOT MUTED FOR, relay to #2. 4. That's literally been our definitive ruling on things, everything is severity based, you'd...
  14. imdewtour

    ImDewtour staff report

    1. Clearly it was deleted, so why would you repost it? 2. You clearly saw Dip Dop was already muted for it, you never denied it. 3. I don't have to give warnings to people at all, if they deserve to be muted, they deserve to be muted. 4. The Discord punishment list literally says "All Discord...
  15. imdewtour

    Sirhexagons ban appeal

    it's usually your bans that are appealed ngl Also yeah, you were banned by the director, Zach, for cheating.
  16. imdewtour

    Dip Dop Staff Application Number 4 discord

    - Staff Application Denied - Thank you for taking the time to write a Staff Application. Denial Reason: As of currently I do not see you fit for the staff team. If you continue to approve upon your behavior I may consider you as a candidate in the future. Have a nice day and thanks for...
  17. imdewtour

    Banned on discord never posted anything but price checks

    You were banned for posting a crash link in memes. Posting anything harmful to Discord or the users of Discord is directly against Discord ToS. For this reasoning I will be denying your appeal as of now, if you'd like to appeal at a later date I may be open to unbanning you.
  18. imdewtour

    Nikito's Staff Complaint

    After reviewing the report and the evidence I have concluded that Nikito was in the wrong with how he handled the situation. I believe that telling everyone to stop shitposting should be applied to everyone. Currently we are working on staff members being less strict and as of the time of...
  19. imdewtour

    ayylmao Staff App

    +1 Just don't make fun of me for getting knifed 😠
  20. imdewtour

    Dip Dop TTT application 3

    I usually don't have a problem with you but I don't like being asked what you would need to do for a +1. Genuine -1