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    Dip dop ttt application 7?

    Neutral, does not cause too many problems in game however in the discord they seem to cause a lot of unneeded drama and other drama seeking behavior.
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    dont forget to tell someone how much you care for them : D

    dont forget to tell someone how much you care for them : D
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    Violinja's Staff Application

    I think I will stay neutral on this one, however I have seen you in game and you seem pretty nice! But I think you should get more playtime first before you apply <3
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    Kevin's Staff Application

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    Actually leaving.

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    i gotted baned in game this time

    free my man stalk they praying on his downfall 😭
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    trouble traitor town player :DDD

    idk how to introduce myself lol I play this cool game called tarky a lot more than I do TTT now it is a terrible addiction but please dont waste your money on this bad game. ttt is cool though I see a lot of new and old people and I like to shoot gun and win : DDD I play like basically 3...
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    Ynh management ban appeal

    I have seen pretty good improvement from you since your ban when I played games with you and in calls and I have not seen or heard any provocative actions come from you ever since. +1 :cool:
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    Ozzy ban appeal

    As far as I can tell, I have played with Ozzy a little bit after this entire situation went down and yes it was a little rough at the start however over time I feel like I saw a positive progression in him after all of this has happened. Whether it was on another server or an entirely different...
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    Loveyytv's TTT Staff Application

    +1, very friendly thee first time we interacted and I have had no negative experiences with her since then! (stream is nice too)
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    hey guys, mustard here

    I will now continue to use miku and now target mustard
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    I really don't get the point of this...
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    An owner and false ban!

    To be fully honest, I never had a problem with you until you intentionally started to attack other people for no good reason at all. Not sure why you ever did it in the first place but even after each ban those actions just pursued and I can agree with Zero and say I don't really think any...
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    Moonhopper, Morphine and items like radar and armour are already a thing, why should there be another version? Also I can agree with Crusty these seem a little too good to actually be used...
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    Dip Dop TTT Staff Application 2

    +1 never had a problem with him before and has cool cats :)
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    gamertactics TTT staff aplication

    +1 might be a stupid good player but knows the rules and never had bad experiences with them
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    Ozzy 4 head admin when

    Ozzy 4 head admin when
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    False votekick and harrasment

    "You can't delay as inno"
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    [TTT][Trial Staff Application] Zero

    +1 i might hate it when he outguns me but still great guy with good experience