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  1. SirInsanity

    Player report Shoxee

    Player will be warned for Hateful Conduct and Harassment. Locked and Archived.
  2. SirInsanity

    Illaoi warn appeal

    Do you have any evidence whatsoever to back your claims?
  3. SirInsanity

    Matterchef Scamming

  4. SirInsanity

    1 day ban for purp rdm

    Ban Appeal Accepted. Have a nice day.
  5. SirInsanity

    1 day ban for purp rdm

    Under Review.
  6. SirInsanity

    got banned on discord for posting a "harmful link/Vid" Dont care if i stay muted after unbanned but i want to see when the crate drops happen

    Appeal Denied. You should have thought about what would happen if you posted crash links or videos. The link or vid you have sent might not have contained any viruses or malware but it disrupts Discord's service to other and their computers which is against TOS.
  7. SirInsanity

    Matterchef Scamming

    Under Review.
  8. SirInsanity

    XetaRay Unban appeal

    Ban Appeal Accepted Have a nice day.
  9. SirInsanity

    Woman Staff App 2.0

    -1 for now.
  10. SirInsanity

    black bird hasn't given back a temp trade

    Player hasn't been on for weeks on Steam. I will be moving towards a 1 week Trade Ban. Locked and Archived.
  11. SirInsanity

    IJC Unban Appeal

    Appeal Denied You should know better than to use these kinds of terms. Its 2021.
  12. SirInsanity

    IJC Unban Appeal

    Under Review.
  13. SirInsanity

    Murked Ban Appeal

    Automatically Denied Your last ban appeal was denied a few hours ago. You can make another appeal in 3 days time.
  14. SirInsanity

    Rollaids (Murked) Ban appeal

    Appeal Denied After reviewing the death scenes and reports of your prop kills, it seemed that you were dead serious on propkilling them. Might I remind you that Purp RDM isn't comedic. Locked and Archived.
  15. SirInsanity

    Rollaids (Murked) Ban appeal

    Were you on an alt?
  16. SirInsanity

    FloydChamp's Staff Application

    You forgot this part. We are automatically discord staff when we apply for TTT or BW. ATM, -1 overall for you staff app.
  17. SirInsanity

    New Model Idea: Drip Goku/Dripku

    Good suggestion. Added it to #suggestions over on our discord.
  18. SirInsanity

    Ban Appeal

    Follow the format please and post it in the right sub-forum.
  19. SirInsanity

    Rubber_ducky6 alt trading

    After reviewing the provided evidence, the players in question will be given a 1 week trade ban. The crates from the crate drops should not be traded and your wife could have opened up those crates so she could use the guns she gets from them to start on the server. Locked and Archived.
  20. SirInsanity

    black bird hasn't given back a temp trade

    Under Review. Will contact the player.