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    Omnirhombicosadodecahedron's BaseWars Staff Application

    Hey, I really dont understand why youre going on everyone's forum posts and lying. If he did something wrong, at this point he would have received a punishment of some sort. The whole point of the game is to raid, its not only an incremental game. If youre not gonna get raided, how are you...
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    6eamed Staff Application.

    Yep, and Ive given the player a chance to leave the spawn area and get to their base, though they kept on walking up to me. If you would like to talk abou this further, you can get back to me @ 6eamed#6666
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    6eamed Staff Application.

    Yep, sorry about that! Totally forgot that I was in that faction. Within a second, I have left that faction. Also if you feel something should be done against this, please post it in the reports section..
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    6eamed Staff Application.

    Sorry! Though it was just for fun, your teammate started being toxic, which fueled me to kill her even more.
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    6eamed Staff Application.

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    6eamed Staff Application.

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    Weapon Hitmarkers

    Hitmarkers :3
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    Help I got a new cat, and Im allergic.
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    6eamed Staff Application.

    Thank you so much for the kind words! :3
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    title codes

    Holy, not a great idea to be so toxic on the forums lol.
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    6eamed Staff Application.

    General: 1. What is your Steam Name & SteamID?: 6eamed ( 2. Do you have a Microphone?: Yes. 3. What are your availability times ( Weekdays/Weekends & Timezone )?: Weekdays 5PM - 12PM, Weekends 1PM - Till I fall asleep. (MST) 4. Do you have any...
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    BaseWars Printer Spreadsheet

    Very epic