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  1. imdewtour

    P3T3R WAFFLES ban appeal

    First off, since you like to fucking nitpick everything, how about you read the rules for ban appeals. How do you genuinely expect for someone to act on a appeal, of course they're gonna be nice, they want to be fucking unbanned. He sits in general chat and complains because his ban was...
  2. imdewtour

    P3T3R WAFFLES ban appeal

    Also, unban Peter 🖕
  3. imdewtour

    P3T3R WAFFLES ban appeal

    I mean this isn't the place for it but I'm gonna reply anyways. Most staff have quit on their own accord and are in good standing, there's almost no reason not to accept an ex-staff members app unless they've been known to be a toxic staff member.
  4. imdewtour

    Silenthunter Report

    This report has insufficient evidence, no action will be taken. The reason this report was denied was due to the first picture being of him raiding you, the second picture was of him being in front of your base not looking in your direction, and the third is so blurry that I cannot tell what's...
  5. imdewtour

    JtB "Entities out of base" Ban Appeal

    It's not about upholding my own ban, it's about letting other staff members review it in the case that I was in the wrong.
  6. imdewtour

    JtB "Entities out of base" Ban Appeal

    I'll be letting another staff member handle this situation but replying with screenshots. (Image that was sent in the screenshot above) (Image that went sent in the screenshot above) That is all the info I have if that changes anyone's judgement. Edit:
  7. imdewtour

    Harassment Warn Appeal

    You were given a "harassment" warn for threatening to DDoS another player, whether it's a joke or not it's taken very seriously. You were given a very light warning to deter you from doing it again. If I truly wanted to I could've filed it under "extreme toxicity" which is a week ban.
  8. imdewtour

    JuicetheBard report

    Action will be taken against the player "JuicetheBard" for "Entities out of base". Thank you for reporting this misconduct and attempting to make the server a better place, the player will be punished accordingly.
  9. imdewtour

    Plastik Ddos report

    Action will be taken against the player "Plastik" for "Harassment". The reason being for this is no player should be threatening to DDOS another player, whether it being a joke or not. Had it been implied seriously the punishment would have been worse.
  10. imdewtour

    Shepard base camping

    No action will be taken. Due to the nature that I can only see 1 death occur and the death that occurred you accidentally left the player in. While it was a accident I will be treating it like a normal case of them walking in, in that sense it's kind of a "dick thing to do" but I wouldn't...
  11. imdewtour

    froghat staff application (gamer)

    I'm just gonna be blunt based on what I know about you. Quite frankly you seem pretty immature. On top of that I think you need more playtime and as of currently you have 3 active warns so I think you need a better grip on the rules before you become staff.
  12. imdewtour

    Ban Appeal

    Ok so lets talk about the 2 you so are unjustified, we'll start with the easiest one. When you spawn a printer by default it is frozen, if it's not frozen it's your fault that someone could run into YOUR base and take it. Secondly as someone who has taken Spanish the idea is to translate ideas...
  13. imdewtour

    ImDewtour's Staff App.

    - General - 1. What is your Steam Name & SteamID? - ImDewtour "STEAM_0:1:195410353" 2. Do you have a Microphone? - Yes, currently a headset mic but I have very limited background noise. 3. What NotFound.Tech Server are you applying for? ( BaseWars or HL2RP )? - Basewars 4. What are your...
  14. imdewtour

    4 Player reports

    1. What is your steam name? ImDewtour 2. What is the person's steam name and steamid that you are reporting? STEAM_0:0:20588909 "Redbeard" STEAM_0:1:46846558 "Greg Heffley" STEAM_0:0:217221041 "Grim Reefer" 3. Is the person you are reporting a staff or a regular player? Regular players...
  15. imdewtour

    Weighted Companion Cube Abuse

    ...Nothing really needs to be said. He should NOT be noclipping while combine are looking for him, even if there was someone suspected of cheating he should've relayed it to Peter. It also doesn't seem that is the case at all. It seems he was purely noclipping for the point of not being caught...
  16. imdewtour

    MrNutty's Ban Appeal

    I have to agree with Peter, you had a unfair advantage against other players and it could've been permanent. For that reason I think you should stay banned until the month is over.
  17. imdewtour

    Perm banned for no reason :/

    Honestly from what I've heard you seem like a pretty toxic person and would not wanna see you on the server.