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    Inventory System with Crates, Trading, and Specialized Weapons

    I think that adding a custom currency for gambling and trading is a fantastic idea. BUT; I think that for BaseWars specifically, you can only include cosmetics. If you start adding special, modified weaponry you do, in fact, put newer players at a massive disadvantage. Being new in BaseWars is...
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    JtB "Entities out of base" Ban Appeal

    I'm not the person who Manages Basewars, but the massive amounts of toxicity and general annoyances aside from that don't really equate to you deserving to be unbanned. You commented many times that you don't care if you get unbanned, and even issued what I can only realistically assume is your...
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    JackTheRedFox’s staff Application (AGAIN)

    - Staff Application Approved - Thank you for taking the time to apply you will be moved to S.I.T., trained, and tested on the Combat Guide
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    Openly Working on Big Tings

    Openly Working on Big Tings
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    Roleplay Guide

    Role-play Guide This guide is here to help you understand, as a new player, how the game-mode works, and what you could and should be doing while you play. When you start you'll need to make a citizen character, with a name, description, and think of a backstory (this doesn't necessarily need...
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    JackTheRedFox's Staff Application

    - Staff Application Denied - Thank you for taking the time to make a Staff Application though you have been denied due to applications not being open at the moment. You can re-apply on 9/16/2020!
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    Overwatch Transhuman Arm Guide

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    Civil Administration Board
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    Character of Influence backstory/lore-importance

    CHARACTER NAME: Haley Bordner CHARACTER DESCRIPTION: |5'6|157 LBS|Hazel Eyes|Dirty Blue Jumpsuit|Dirty Brown Shoes| Character Backstory: Haley was a pretty average citizen, working the assigned cycles, taking her rations, and sitting in her apartment. She wasn't someone to go out of her way to...
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    Character of Influence backstory/lore-importance

    This thread is where you post a character once you've been made a Character of Influence, so that the stories we create on the server can be written, and people who join later in the server's life-span can be caught up. This will be a guide on how format your post. YOU CAN BE A CHARACTER OF...
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    Half-Life 2 Roleplay Server Lore

    The Story So Far (Before server launch) As major events happen on the server, the lore will be edited. If you're told you're a "Character of Influence" that means you're directly involved in the creation of the server's lore, depending on what story-lines and events you're caught up in. These...
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    Enslaved Vortigaunt Application

    - Vortigaunt Application Rules - - Failure to follow the rules set for the applications will lead to an instant denial - 1. Do not post multiple applications if you made a mistake in the application you can always edit it. ( If you need to edit it first make a note on the top so we don't make...
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    Civil Workers' Union Introductions!

    Introduce your Civil Workers' Union character here!
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    Civil Workers' Union Guide
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    Secretly working on Big Tings

    Secretly working on Big Tings
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    thirdeye's application

    +1 Person is well versed in roleplaying, and a general good human. I would really prefer to see him set up as staff so we can start populating the HL2RP server with people. Gonna need to fast track a few staff to get it started.
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    Suggestion Compilation by Karl

    +1 Love it +1 love it +1 Love it +1 Have had and used it before. Can be a bit buggy at times but overall is good stuff. +/-0 I wanna think on this one. Not sure if I love it yet. We HAVE thought of letting the theatre have it, so people can go OOC for a lil bit and use the video player. +1...
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    YO WHAT UP! Its ya Weightedboi. Hope you enjoy the server, we try to do our best. Except Rocker. He needs kicked in his nuts.
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    Combat Guide

    Combat on this server is dictated by ROLLS. That is using the /roll command to generate a random number for you to see how you've done. Playing in combat is long, and will take time, and ALL of it is done through ROLEPLAY. You don't use FISTS to punch people. You don't inflict damage as the...
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    Sigurd's Slicing Suggestions

    So I'm going to preface everything I say here so as to not discourage someone by saying that some of these things are fucking awesome. I like them. But the thing is, and most people don't understand this, GUNS, WEAPONS, AND OTHER FORMS OF RESISTANCE ARE NOT MEANT TO BE EASILY ACCESSIBLE BY...